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Handmade paiting for children

September, 2013 

Hand Painting with Painting colour in a Paper has been taught to children so that they can draw the sketch with any colour. For the painting, we need 

For the painting, we need  

    1. Plain Paper
    2. Paint Brush
    3. Painting colour

    We teach children how to paint with painting color in a plain paper. Children can draw with their imagination, ideas what they want to sketch with a painting color. Children are learning how to sketch in a plain paper with painting color so that if they wanted to give a picture or a sketch then easily they can have their own sketch with various attractive and colorful colors, as they have colors with their own and have plain paper too. They can give it as gift too to other; it can easily be made without expenses. It builds up the knowledge, ideas, intellectual and imagination power. They are very happy to learned it and have sketch by their own ideas. Some have drawn sketch very well.

Making Handmade Greeting Card

16th july, 2013

We teach children how to make Greeting card by Nepalese paper so that if they want to give to any one making by them. It develop their mind, they can create invention by themselves. It helps to build their intellectual. If they would like to sell then they could gain and save money. It does not need more effort; easy to make.

To make handmade greeting. We need

1. Nepali Paper

2. Plain Paper

3. Fevicol glue

4. Dry heart Shape leaf

5. Colourful tape

 Making Handmade Greeting Card1Making Handmade Greeting Card2Making Handmade Greeting Card3

Making Handmade Greeting Card4Making Handmade Greeting Card6

We take two sided Nepali paper of medium greeting size. We put plain medium greeting size upward which is smaller than Nepali Paper size. The two sides of left and right Nepali Paper, we fix it with Fevicol Glue in sides by folding. We fix small one sided Nepali paper on plain paper in right side. Fixing by fevicol glue up and down part of Nepali Paper folding. In front of the greeting, we can fix heart shape dry leaf on it and inside we can put picture or any art. At the front page of the greeting, we can fix all side by color full tape which looks good and attractive. Now the greeting is ready. We can write anything what we like.


Making Hair Rubber Band

2nd july, 2013

We teach children how to make hair band rubber by useless clothes of any color so that they make it and save money as well as they need not to buy hair band from the market. If they want to give anyone as gift then they can make and give them. It does not need more effort and easy to make.

To make Hair rubber band. We need

  1. 100 gms clothes
  2. Thread
  3. Needle
  4. Elastic

Making Hair Rubber Band1Making Hair Rubber Band2Making Hair Rubber Band3

Making Hair Rubber Band4Making Hair Rubber Band5Making Hair Rubber Band6

 We Take 100 grams of clothes with any color. We bend the clothes in equal half to sew.  After we have bending cloth, we take needle and fixed with thread little longer so that we can sew longer. At the little downward side of the cloth which we have bended we started to sew straightly up to the end of the cloth horizontally. After sewing cloth, we need to take out inside to outside so that the cloth looks clearly and good then we take out one hand rolling elastic and inside the clothes we put this elastic and two ends of the elastic we sew together. After sewing the elastic, two sides at the end point of a cloth we sew together with one on another. The hair rubber band is ready to put in hair.

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