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Handwork of making dolls of wools

Date: 2nd January 2018

On January 2018, we taught to the children how to make dolls from the wools.

To make this handwork, we need many several things like:

1.     Different colors of wools

2.     Scissors, thread and needle

3.     Buttons and pearls

4.     Pieces of clothes

 empezandomuñeca de lana 2Shanti enseñaShanti señalasiguiente pasotodas concentradasmuñecas terminadas
Firstly, to make items, we need to collect some colorful wools so that we can make in balls. Balls became ready of wools and we must tie equal half in between it and then we need to cut with scissors up side and downside in middle it is ties by stream. While cutting we need to cut very smoothly top and bottom side portion; like this we need to make for head small size of balls and body little bit big size balls of wools; making balls, tying and cutting then after that we need to join head and body by sewing bottom to the top at the middle part. For face we need to put pearls or buttons and mouth as well. We can put some pieces of clothes for ear and scarf for neck. After making this it looks complete. It looks so attractive dolls of rabbit, rat and mouse etc and good can be used as gift to present others in some special occasion. It is not so expensive so children can try at their house. They are very interested to learn it and happy as well.


Handwork of making plastilina items

On December 2017

we try this time new handwork of making Plastilina items.

To make this handwork, we need many several things like:

1.     Plastilina

2.     Plastic cover or tap of items (for Shape)

3.     scale or scissor

 así de hacebolitas de plastilinaEureka y Shantigallinitaheladosmoldeandomás plastilinasprimeras plastilinasShantiya tenemos algunas

Firstly, to make items, we need to take the Plastilina in certain quantity for the items we are making and we need to make it soft for the shape so we need to press it by hand and finger. Like this we can take amount for the items and to make shape; we can take help from the plastic cover cap or other various things cap or cover. We can give the nice shape like flower, dishes, plate, spoon, ice-cream, Cup, glass, cock hen, etc. After making it looks so attractive and beautiful. It can be made very easily and it's very cheap because no more items are used than Plastilina. Kids are very happy to make various items of things which make them creative and interested; focus. Teachers feel happy to see them like this. They guide them very well. At last they can try at their house as well. It's very easy to make.

Handwork of making egg cover

Date: 1st November 2017

On September 2017, we teach children how to make mural of pieces of paper of Dashain, attractively and good looking.

To make this handwork, we need many several things like:

1.     Painting colors

2.     Fevicol glue and glue stick

3.     Egg cover

4.     Pieces of Chartpapers

5.     Brushes

 a por la gallinaEureka diseñaEureka y cáscaras de huevopollito terminadoSadikshya ayudaSadikshya termina gallinaShanti enganchatrabajo terminado

Firstly, to make mural by egg cover for beautiful hen; egg hack and a baby chicken. We need given material which has been given up. We need many pieces of chart paper according to demand of the maker. If the paper is black then it more enough but if we could not find black chart paper then we paints the chart paper with black color then we sketch the picture of hen with marker or color and fill the fevicol glue in it. The egg cover that has broken into many pieces, considering the shape we need to fill the egg cover inside the sketch on fevicol glue ; like that we need to fill in egg hack and in small baby chicken. This handwork try to show the growth process of Hen from a mature hen hacks egg and give birth to a new baby chicken. It is very good and beautiful to make. Children are very happy to learn it and its very easy to make. 


Handwork of making mural of Dashain

Date: 26th September 2017

On September 2017, we teach children how to make mural of pieces of paper of Dashain, attractively and good looking.

To make this handwork, we need many several things like:

1.     Water color

2.     Fevicol glue and glue stick

3.     scissors and glitters

4.     colorful pieces of papers

5.     Thick chart papers

 casi terminadocon pega mejorcordel para la cometacristina también pegaEureka enseñaque mono el niñorecortandoShanti pegaShanti y Eurekatodas atentasun poco de precisiónautoras del mural

Firstly, to make mural by colorful papers. We need all the materials given. We need to have chart papers according to the painting we decide to draw or paste or we are going to make. Then by colorful papers measuring sizes we need to cut the shape like for tree we need green color; stem brown color and apple is growing on it; at dark there is shining stars as well as moon so we need to make these shapes in papers. We need to make boy so for it we need to cut t-shirt, pant, face and shoes. Give it some art and shape as boy; he is flying kite as many people at Dashain fly kites with joy and happy. There is river too which is of blur color and grass is green color. It is all about the papers let’s say it’s all about art of papers. They all need to paste by fevicol glue or glue stick in exact place. While completing the painting it looks so attractive and beautiful. We give final touch by glitters and wishing all of us as well as you( Maria) Happy Dashain 2074. It is very easy to make. Kids learn it so quickly and they all are very happy to make it. We feel happy to help them as well.


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