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Handwork of making plastic flower garland

On August 2019, we teach children how to make beautiful handmade flower garland

To make this handwork, we need many several things like:

⦁ Plastic polythene bags of many colors 

⦁ Scissor

⦁ Round pot tap

⦁ Stream and thick thread

⦁ Needle

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To make this handwork firstly, we need given things. Firstly to start the handwork, we need polythene bags of many colors then we need the round pot tap to make sketch for flower shape. We need many flowers to make garland. We need to cut all round draw of polythene bags. We need to make the shape of flower and we need to sew with the help of thread and needle, as we had already made round plastic pieces for flowers. We need to sew in the middle part of plastic pieces by arranging colors to make attractive and nice. Like this our garland will be ready. We can use it as gift or as showpiece in home. Kids are very happy to learn it and they can try at their house. It is very easy to make.

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