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Handwork of making garland by clothes with buttons and bulock

On March 2019, we teach children how to make beautiful handmade garland by clothes with buttons and bullock.

To make this handwork, we need many several things like:

1.     Colorful Clothes

2.     Scissors

3.     Thread and needles

4.     Buttons

5.     Bulock

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To make this handwork firstly, we need given things. Firstly to start the handwork, we need colorful clothes. We need to cut the clothes long way by measuring sizes with scissors. Then cut the clothes in length size. We need to sew the back side of clothes with help of needle and thread in border. We can fold now in front side. Now we need to fixe button or bullock inside one by one. After inserting these one we need to sew it for decoration. Like this we can do it until we reach end and we need to join two side of garland. Like this we can make the garland very nicely and attractively. It is very easy to make and not so expensive. Anyone can easily try at their home. Kids are very happy to make it and they will try at the home.



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