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Handwork of making plastic straw to a beautiful hand bracelet

On January 2019, we teach children how to make beautiful handmade bracelet by a many colorful plastic straw pipes.

To make this handwork, we need many several things like:

1.     colorful straw plastic pipes

2.     scissor and scale

3.     Stream  and thick thread

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To make this handwork firstly, we need given things. Firstly to start the handwork, we need colorful plastic straw pipes. Measuring it by scale we need to cut the pipe small pieces according to centimeter with help of Scissor. We need to cut many pieces of different color. After cutting pipe into small pieces we need to take stream or thick thread. Measure it by how long we need to make for one bangle like this we need to make many stream of different colors too. By Tying it on middle side of Stream we need to put colorful straw pipe of small pieces one after knotting another one, until we finish our wrist could afford it we will keep doing this process. After finishing it, we will tie knot strongly at end line of stream.  like this our hand bangle is ready to wear. It is very easy to make and not so expensive. Anyone can easily try at their home. Kids are very happy to make it and they will try at the home.



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