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Handwork of making files of hard board paper

On December2018, we teach children how to make beautiful files of hard board paper box.

To make this handwork, we need many several things like:

1.     hardboard box

2.     Thin colorful chart paper

3.     scissors, glue

4.     paint colors and wax

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To make this handwork firstly we need given things. Firstly to start the handwork, we need hard card board box and cut it into file size two equal half. Cut with scissor measuring size length and breadth. Then we need to cover it with colorful thin paper with the help of glue to both parts of files in and out. We need to join the files with the help of clothes in the middle to fix both files so that we can make two parts of file to one like album. Now the Album is ready inside we can decorate with painting flowers or anything which make attractive and beautiful to look. It is very easy to make and not so expensive. Anyone can easily try at their home. Kids are very happy to make it and they will try at the home. 


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