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Handwork of making wall hanging item of Bangles

On August 2018, we teach children how to make beautiful wall hanging item from Bangles

To make this handwork, we need many several things like:

1.     colorful wools

2.     Thread and needles

3.     bangles

4.     Scissors

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To make this handwork firstly we need up given things. To do this handwork, we need to have many bangles. We need to take a bangle and one color thread or stream or wool then we need to pull from half and try to fill the 1/3 part of bangles and again we will take next color of wool or stream and again repeat the empty part of bangles like this we need to do it twice time and finally the bangle will be finish by looking so attractive and beautiful. Like this, we can do other by repeating same process. It's is very easy to make. It does not take much time and it is not so expensive as they have their bangle; only they need is wools or streams. Kids are very happy to learn it from the teachers. Like this they can try at their home as well.


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