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Handwork of making useless bangles into colorful wool bangle

On June 2018, we teach children how to make beautiful bangles colorful wools of old one. It looks so attractive and nice to wear as new one.

To make this handwork, we need many several things like:

1.     colorful wools

2.     Bangles

3.     hard glue

4.     Scissors

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To make handmade of colorful bangles of wools from old useless bangles we need up given material to make it.  Firstly we need to take pair of bangles then we need to measure the quantity of wool for whole bangle to circulate. Before to start to circulate we need to fix by glue by tieing the wools then after that we need to circulate the wool regularly by stopping to make smooth. At the middle according to make decorate and design we can put another different color of wool to make colorful and extraordinary looks of bangles which makes very attractive, beautiful and nice to look and to wear on the hand. After circulating wools while it's time to finish the whole bangle with wools. At last we can tie knot and fix glue; cut the wool. Like this bangle is finish as new one very beautiful. like this we can re-use the old one tired and useless bangles into new one colorful bangle. It's so easy to make and no costly so anyone can make it at their house to wear or to present as gift to others. Kids are very happy to learn it. We teachers are also happy to teach them and to see they are interested to make it.


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