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Handwork of making embroidery in pieces of clothes to handkerchief

On May 2018, we teach children how to make beautiful pieces of clothes to handkerchief with embroidery of flower or other very beautiful things. It will show a handkerchief very beautiful and attractive with embroidery.

To make this handwork, we need many several things like:

1.     Pieces of clothes or handkerchief

2.     wood round knots

3.     Needles and threads

4.     Scissors

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 To make handmade embroidery pieces of clothes firstly, we must have all given things. We need to sew the four sides of pieces of clothes as border so that it will look like handkerchief. Then after that we must take wood round fixing knot and put on clothes so that we can know how much space it will take to embroider flower or other thing. After fixing clothes in it we can draw the shape of flower by colorful sigh pen and sew it by needle properly filling by measuring size. We will complete to sew after making flower. We can remove wood round knot from clothes and we can see very nice and beautiful embroidery clothes of Handkerchief. Kids are very happy to make the very nice and beautiful handkerchief as they can use by themselves or can give gift as well to others. As it is not expensive they can try at their house and practice. Like this kids learn how to make pieces of clothes to a very nice and beautiful embroidery handkerchief.


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