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Handwork of making plastilina items

On December 2017

we try this time new handwork of making Plastilina items.

To make this handwork, we need many several things like:

1.     Plastilina

2.     Plastic cover or tap of items (for Shape)

3.     scale or scissor

 así de hacebolitas de plastilinaEureka y Shantigallinitaheladosmoldeandomás plastilinasprimeras plastilinasShantiya tenemos algunas

Firstly, to make items, we need to take the Plastilina in certain quantity for the items we are making and we need to make it soft for the shape so we need to press it by hand and finger. Like this we can take amount for the items and to make shape; we can take help from the plastic cover cap or other various things cap or cover. We can give the nice shape like flower, dishes, plate, spoon, ice-cream, Cup, glass, cock hen, etc. After making it looks so attractive and beautiful. It can be made very easily and it's very cheap because no more items are used than Plastilina. Kids are very happy to make various items of things which make them creative and interested; focus. Teachers feel happy to see them like this. They guide them very well. At last they can try at their house as well. It's very easy to make.

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