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Handwork of making egg cover

Date: 1st November 2017

On September 2017, we teach children how to make mural of pieces of paper of Dashain, attractively and good looking.

To make this handwork, we need many several things like:

1.     Painting colors

2.     Fevicol glue and glue stick

3.     Egg cover

4.     Pieces of Chartpapers

5.     Brushes

 a por la gallinaEureka diseñaEureka y cáscaras de huevopollito terminadoSadikshya ayudaSadikshya termina gallinaShanti enganchatrabajo terminado

Firstly, to make mural by egg cover for beautiful hen; egg hack and a baby chicken. We need given material which has been given up. We need many pieces of chart paper according to demand of the maker. If the paper is black then it more enough but if we could not find black chart paper then we paints the chart paper with black color then we sketch the picture of hen with marker or color and fill the fevicol glue in it. The egg cover that has broken into many pieces, considering the shape we need to fill the egg cover inside the sketch on fevicol glue ; like that we need to fill in egg hack and in small baby chicken. This handwork try to show the growth process of Hen from a mature hen hacks egg and give birth to a new baby chicken. It is very good and beautiful to make. Children are very happy to learn it and its very easy to make. 


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