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Handwork of making mural of Dashain

Date: 26th September 2017

On September 2017, we teach children how to make mural of pieces of paper of Dashain, attractively and good looking.

To make this handwork, we need many several things like:

1.     Water color

2.     Fevicol glue and glue stick

3.     scissors and glitters

4.     colorful pieces of papers

5.     Thick chart papers

 casi terminadocon pega mejorcordel para la cometacristina también pegaEureka enseñaque mono el niñorecortandoShanti pegaShanti y Eurekatodas atentasun poco de precisiónautoras del mural

Firstly, to make mural by colorful papers. We need all the materials given. We need to have chart papers according to the painting we decide to draw or paste or we are going to make. Then by colorful papers measuring sizes we need to cut the shape like for tree we need green color; stem brown color and apple is growing on it; at dark there is shining stars as well as moon so we need to make these shapes in papers. We need to make boy so for it we need to cut t-shirt, pant, face and shoes. Give it some art and shape as boy; he is flying kite as many people at Dashain fly kites with joy and happy. There is river too which is of blur color and grass is green color. It is all about the papers let’s say it’s all about art of papers. They all need to paste by fevicol glue or glue stick in exact place. While completing the painting it looks so attractive and beautiful. We give final touch by glitters and wishing all of us as well as you( Maria) Happy Dashain 2074. It is very easy to make. Kids learn it so quickly and they all are very happy to make it. We feel happy to help them as well.


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