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Handwork of making hand band

Date: 27th February 2017

On January 2017, we teach children how to make ring bell by thick paper so attractive and beautiful.

To make this handwork, we need many several things like:

1.     Thick colorful wools

2.     bottoms

3.     Scissors 

 8 pulserasEureka Shanti y máspulseras terminadas Iiniciando pulseras

Firstly, to make handmade hand band, we need given things. We need to measure how much to make according to wrist, the length of different colorful wools. We need to tie half at middle by making whole so that at end we need to fix each end. Then after learning how to knit by hand every single piece with every colorful one stream. We need to see after knitting all streams that it can fix on wrist well or not. We can see colorful stream in band. This seems so attractive and good. At end after knitting to give end we need to tie end with bottom so that we can join side of both one band to put on hand. By this it will be finish. Kids as well as we teachers are very happy to make hand band.  They learn very well to knit so that they can make at their house. They can make it very nicely and easily. 


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