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Handwork of Stationary Hard paper stand

Date: February 2016

On February month of 2016, we teach to the Children how to make hard paper stand to put pen pencil and gel pen etc. It is so beautiful and attractive after making it. It is very useful to put stationary.

To make this handwork, we need many things like:

1.Hard cover paper


3.Thin colorful papers

4. glue 

To make the handmade hard cover paper stand we need up given things. We should use hard cover of Digestive biscuit paper to make the stand of roller toilet paper. It is very easy to make as we paste colorful thin paper to roller and hardcover paper to have decorative and attractive stand with glue. To give more natural and beautiful we can make the thin paper various shapes like star leaf heart etc. Children or anyone can use it to put stationary things so that it cannot be lost. They can use it to their own purpose or can give as gift. Children are very excited and seem happy to learn it. We teachers are also glad to teach them. It is very easy and cheap to make. It is not costly.

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