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Handwork of Plastic bottle as money box

Date: January 2016

On January month of 2016 beginning of New Year, we teach to the Children that we can use water plastic bottle as money box too. So we teach them how to make the plastic bottle as money box in attractive way so that they can use it to save money.

To make this handwork, we need many things like:

1. Plastic bottle as any size

2. Scissor

3. Colorful Thin paper

4. Cello Tape

5. Colorful pen 

To make the handmade plastic bottle as money box, we need given things. We can make it in attractive way by pasting paper as leg, ear, tail  by colorful paper .We make the shape like pig animal by putting eye to make  it more alive and nice. Children can make it in their home as it is cheap and they can find the things easily. They can save money for their purpose for future to spend money or they can give it as present to others as well. Children are seems very happy to learn it. Teachers are also very glad to teach them. They like to save money in money box at their home.

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