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Handmade frame with colorful flower Christmas greetings

November 2014

We teach For Christmas; Children how to make the handmade colorful Paper plate with flowers with making Santa Clause in it. It can be use as gift or presence to others in Christmas occasion. We can hang it as keering in any place which attracts the place; impressive.

For this, we need

  1. Paper plate

  2. Thin Colorful paper

  3. Fevicol or glue gum

  4. White plain paper

  5. Scissor and thread.

  6. Painting

 Actividad November 2014 (1)Actividad November 2014 (2)Actividad November 2014 (3)Actividad November 2014 (4)

To make the handmade paper colorful Plate frame we need above things. It is very useful as we can give for Christmas gift as frame or keering to hang. We teach to children for occasion for Christmas. Children learn it very well. It is very easy to make. It is cheaper so they can make by themselves very easily. Children are very happy to learn it and they can give it to their friends or anyone for Christmas. Merry Christmas 2014


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