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Handmade hanging or desk frames

August 2014

We teach children how to make the handmade Frames as hanging or put in the table or desk where they can put pictures and use it as gift or for their own purpose.

For this, we need

  1. Hard cove box

  2. Food wrapping paper or colourful paper

  3. Tape and glue

  4. Scissor and colorful shimmer shades outliners

 Handmade-hanging-or-desk-frames-5Handmade-hanging-or-desk-frames-4Handmade-hanging-or-desk-frames-3Handmade hanging paper bag-2Handmade-hanging-or-desk-frames-1

To make the handmade frame we need various things which are given above. It is very easy to make as we can use it in memorable to save the pictures or the collection of Photos. We can hang it on the wall or we can put it on the table or cupboard or on the Desk. We teach to children how to make it with wrapping paper but we can also use colorful paper too. Children are very happy to learn it and they can use it in much purpose to keep in their house as well as they can give it as a present to their friends. They can fix it with many pictures of their own as well as their family too etc. It is less costly. They can make it their own home as well. We are glad to teach them.


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