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Making Toran with colorful paper

Date: June 2014

We teach children how to make attractive colorful toran. It can be hang on room or anywhere as it make so beautiful and attractive. It is not costly. It is so useful and important for many places.

For the items, we need

  1. Colorful paper

  2. Thread

  3. Marker or highlighter

  4. Gum and tape

 Making Toran with colorful paper-1Making Toran with colorful paper-2Making Toran with colorful paper-3Making Toran with colorful paper-4Making Toran with colorful paper-5Making Toran with colorful paper-6

Its spring time, raining and sunny is happening so the time after rain and sunlight we can observe rainbow with colors in the sky so by influencing through it, we teaches to the children which is like the symbol of rainbow. In paper children can write their feelings or anything they want, by making garland they can hang it on the wall or anywhere. We can hand it on the walls or hang it on the ceiling. Children can make it in their house easily as it is not costly.


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