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Making handmade dishes or items of Flour

February 2014

We teach children how to make items or dishes or any things of flour. It is not costly which can be useful to use or to give gift to others as well. It makes so attractive and good to try it in anywhere. It is so useful and important or any purpose.
For the items, we need 
      1. Flour
      2. Water
      3. Painting color and Brush
      4. Tissue paper  


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We teach to all the children how to make the dishes or items or anything which is useful so that they can use it in their house or they can give it to each other to friends or any one as a gift so that they can put in their cupboard as it is attractive, impressive with art, painting and good designs. Children can make it in their house as it is so easy to make and they can give as gift instead of buying. It is no more costly so All children are so happy to learn it and make it. They want to try it in their house as well.

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