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Reporters Noviembre 2019

Shanti Maharjan

Hola Maria,

Como Esta Usted ? Hope you are fine and good. Happy to see you here in Khushi Nest.

We have done many activities in this month.

Actividades de mujeres:

1.    Women are studying goodly at their study. New women are also studying.

2.    I made table clothes and they help me in it.

3.    They write in yellow heart shape paper, hang in Christmas tree and made red Papaneol by putting cotton for hat.

4.    Teacher make creative things, they help to make colorful flower for it.

5.    I manage yellow file and arrange date properly.

6.    They help to teacher to clean flower basket and I paint in Flower basket and crop the flower plant on it.

7.    I clean all windows, sew batik clothes side by side in border and Sew the cover for sewing machine.

8.    I clean carpet and some women help me in it.

9.    They are reading newspaper, I describe them about Pessebre. They are doing Tapistry.

10. I help Eureka to hang pessebre and help them to draw pessebre and color in it.

11.They decorate envelope for Maria, her friends, teachers and lawyer too for christmas card.

12. I draw painting for Pessebre with help of them to fill color on it.

Actividades Para ninos:

1.    They are reading tales, playing games like plastellina, 8 errors game, lego etc.

2.    They draw pessebre and color in it.

3.    They paint yellow heart shape paper with nice flower.

4.    They made red paper Papaneol hat with cottons and writing nice things in it.

5.    They are reading stories book and tales. Teacher explain them 3 tales.

6.    For Creativity, they help teachers to cut paper, making flowers for flower frames.

7.    They are very happy to do things for Christmas.

8.    They were given fruits and biscuits 3 times a week regular.

9.    They are reading Spanish songs for Christmas from Maria.

10.Children are cleaning garden and streets on every Sunday.

11.I explain them pessebre.

Hope you like this month activities. We are very happy to work with you.

 Thank you.

Fuerte abrazo

Se feliz.

Shanti Maharjan


Eureka Pradhan

Hola Maria.

Dulce recuerdo y amor

Como Usta Usted? Espero que todo esta bien con usted. I am very happy to see you and work with you. I am writing down many activities for the month of November.

·       I made 4 feet drawing for Pessebre about Mary, Joseph and Jesus Christ with clothes, bamboo, wood, stream, water color etc.

Woman activities:

1)    They clean flower basket and I paint in flower basket and crop flower plant in it.

2)    For creativity, they cut paper flower and help in making flower frame for me.

3)    They fill the color in pessebre which is drawn by me, they draw pessebre photo and put color in it.

4)    They are studying very well.

5)    Teachers are explaining them 3 tales, Shanti explain them about Pessebre.

6)    They did Tapistry.

7)    I made with them yellow heart shape papers for Christmas tree by making flower.

8)    I made with them Red paper Papaneol for hat putting cottons and other things as well.

9)    They are reading newspaper and magazine also.

10)I took philosophy class about how to encourage women to rise in society and stay in community, fight for their rights.

Children activities:

1)    They are coming and doing the activities like: playing games plastelina, 8 errors, puzzles, lego etc.

2)    They are cleaning garden and streets.

3)    In a week 3 times, children are getting fruits and biscuits.

4)    They are making yellow heart shape paper for Christmas tree by writing something in it.

5)    They also made red paper papaneol for hat by putting cotton and writing some word in it.

6)    They are reading stories books and tales. Teachers explain 3 tales.

7)    Pessebre is explain by Shanti.

8)    They help to teachers for making creativity by making colorful flowers .

9)    They help to fill colors in pessebre chart paper drawn by teachers.

10)They draw pictures of pessebre and put color on it.

Muchas Gracias

Cuidate y te extrano mucho

Eureka pradhan


Sadikshya Shrestha

Hola Founder Maria.

Como estas, Maria? Espero que todo este bien contigo. Estoy muy feliz de verte y pasar tiempo contigo.

This month we had done many activities for Occasion of Christmas.

I am going to summarize the activities.

Women Activities:

1.     Women are studying goodly in English class and other classes are also going very well. Old women are helping new women.  

2.    I made yellow heart shape paper for Christmas tree by decorating flowers and also they made for Christmas tree.

3.    Red heart paper papaneol for hat by writing Bon Nadal, Feliz Navidad and Merry Christmas. They also made this by putting cottons and writing beautiful things in it.

4.    For pessebre, I make two pessebre so that they could fill colors in it and other pessebre done by teachers Shanti one and four by Eureka.

5.    They take pessebre what they like and draw the picture of it, we help them to draw pessebre and they put very nice color in it. They feel happy to do it.

6.    I help Eureka in pessebre for making Jesus to color and we do creativity so that they can make flower of their choice, cutting in shape and help to paste in flower frame. It seems so beautiful and nice.

7.    We three teachers explain 3 tales to them and they share the story what they knew which is very knowledgable.

8.    They clean flower basket in the garden to manage the garden and two teacher crop flower plant and paint the flower basket to make garden more beautiful and nice.

9.    They are trying to sew clothes in sewing machine and help Shanti in making table cover.

10.They are reading  newspaper and stories books.

11.I made three nice painting for Maria's Friends name Carls Riba, Maria Mou, Rosa Mari ;for helping in  medical things to one, and for other two friends in money. Writing thanks and wishing them Bon Nadal and Feliz Navidad.

12.This time they had done many colorful things to fill by dusk, sigh pen, pencil color or water color or to make pictures. They are very happy to do it and learn it.

13.We help to the widow name Kanchhi Suvedi who is coming to study here by giving bed and its material like Bed sheet, pillow, mattress, blanket and its cover to the same widow which we had helped her last 6  months as she does not  have bed when we visited and helped her for food. She is very happy to have things by Khushi Nest. Shanti and Eureka teachers went to visit her.

Activities Children:

1.    They also help teachers to make paper colorful flowers for creativity to do flower frame as well.

2.    They are taking part in extra activities like: games Lego, 8 errors, carom board, puzzle, plastillina etc.

3.    They are reading tales and stories book. Teachers tell them 3 tales which are very important to build their knowledge. They have been explained pessebre by Shanti.

4.    They did yellow heart shape paper wishes for Christmas in Christmas tree and also red paper papaneol to make hat and writing nice things on it.

5.    They are learning Spanish song for Christmas.

6.    They are given fruit and biscuit thrice week. They feel happy to get it.

7.    They make pessebre pictures and put color in it which is very nice.

8.    For Christmas card, they decorate the envelope very nicely by writing Bon Nadal to all ;Maria, Maria's friend, 3 teachers and Lawyer.

9.    putting colors in mandalas; they also help in pessebre done by teachers by filling dusk color; water color, sigh pen color nicely.

10.They are cleaning the street and garden.

11. They are very happy to be in the Khushi Nest and do all activities.

Hope you like the Activities of this month November.

 Muchas gracias for your ayuda y apoyo.

We are very agradecido to you.

Se Feliz and Quidate.

Sadikshya Shrestha


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