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Reporters Mayo 2019

Shanti Maharjan


Hola Maria,

Como Esta Usted ? Espero que estes bien alli. Estoy muy feliz de pasar un tiempo en The Khushi Nest. We had celebrate our 8th Anniversary very nicely with you.

Actividades de mujeres:

1.    Nepali class of women is studying very goodly.  

2.    Some Women blew balloon and they help to make eggs by putting colors etc.

3.    Women have learned many activities like Vidrieras, Painting flowers, making papers flowers etc.

4.    Women and teachers clean garden and paint bucket.

5.    We give money to pay rent and some food to the widow Kanchhi Suvedi from money box this year.

6.    Women who are interested I teach to some women how to sew clothes as Maria bring sewing machine. I teach teachers to how to use sewing machine.

7.    I explain to new women about Logo and every quotes written in white board.

8.    We celebrate 8th Anniversary with women and children. They sing songs, give Speeches, Certificate distribution, National Song etc.

9.    Women put money on the occasion of 8th Anniversary. They celebrated nicely.

10.                      Name of the women who have done photos:

I will send you some photos of women. Laxmi and Kanchhi suvedi had taken 6 photos.

  11.Women are very happy to see you.

Actividades Para ninos:

1.    New children are coming.

2.    Children are playing many games like Parchis, Oca, Damas, Puzzle, Sopade letters, chess, plastellina, Marisara, Lego etc

3.    Children are reading books and making flowers.

4.    Children make creative things.

5.    For 8th Anniversary, children learn drama, dance, speech and songs. They enjoy very much.

6.    Children are participating in every activity like making vidrieras.

7.    They were given fruits and biscuits 3 times a week regular.

8.    Maria bring new song "de Colores" they learn it to sing.

9.    Children are very happy to celebrate 8th Anniversary.

    10.Children are very happy with Maria.

     11. Children and teachers write some good thing about Radhika.

Hope you like this month activities. We all miss you. No olvides Khushinest.

 Thank you.

Fuerte abrazo

Se feliz.

Shanti Maharjan


 Eureka Pradhan

Hola Maria.

Dulce recuerdo y amor

Como Usta Usted? Espero que estes bien. Bienvenido. feliz de verte y trabajar en Khushi Nest.

 I am writing down some activities for the month May.

Woman activities:

1)    All math classes are going well.

2)    Women clean garden and teachers paint red color in bucket.

3)    Women celebrate 8th Anniversary and put money in money box.

4)    Women practice class song, National song, speech etc.  Maria gave certificate to them for completing months and years of all groups.

5)    Women make paper and plastic flower.

6)    Women are doing few Tapistry.

7)    Women are playing sopade letters and 8 errors game.

8)    New women are been admitted.

9)    We give money to widow "Kanchhi Suvedi", and money for rent and food, she is very happy to receive it.

10.Women with teachers are very happy to celebrate 8th Anniversary with Maria.

Children activities:

1)    In a week 3 times, children are getting fruits and biscuits.

2)    Children are coming regulary and they are learning activities.

3)    Children are very happy to celebrate 8th Anniversary.

4)    For Anniversary, they practice drama, dance , speech and songs.

5)    Children are playing many games like Rummy, chess, Parchis, 8 errors, Sopade letters, puzzle, plastelina, etc.

6)    Children draw painting of many flowers.

7)    Children are studying stories book

8)    Children are very happy to see you and celebrate 8th Anniversary

9)    They help new children for doing activities.

10)                     Children are happy to come and study here.

Espero que seas feliz con nosotros.


 cuidate y te extrano mucho

Eureka pradhan


Sadikshya Shrestha

Hola Founder Maria.

Como estas, Maria? Espero que todo te vaya bien, bien port u bendicion de dios. Estoy muy feliz de trabajor contigo todo este mes.

I am going to summarize the activities of Women and kids in following points.

Women Activities:

1.     Women are very happy to participate in each and every activities of The Khushi Nest.

2.    This month women did paint in egg for easter; they draw flower and fill colors as if we are in spring season, they made plastic and paper flowers.

3.    They put money in money box on the occasion of 8th Anniversary. They enjoy a lot in programme. They participate in programme like singings class song, speech, certificate achieving etc. They drink juice.

4.    We give money of money box to a very needy and poor widow name" Kanchhi Suvedi". We gave her 2 months room rent and left money we gave her by giving food. She is very happy to received and thankful to Maria and teachers.

5.    Women help us in cleaning garden for the 8th Anniversary, we teachers paint flower bucket.

6.    Women are very happy to learn many good and motive things in The Khushi Nest.

7.    Old Women are helping new women in study and to do other activities.

8.    Women who like to sew, Shanti help teachers and some women to use sewing machine.

9.    Doctor came to visit Maria. She will come to take class for women.

10.Women are very happy to celebrate Maria and Teachers.

Activities Children:

1.    Kids are coming regularly and participating in each and every activities.

2.    Kids are playing different types of games such as Chess, Oca, Damas Lego, Rummy, Parchis, Plastilina, Marisara, 8 Errors and Sopa De Letters, Puzzles, lego etc.

3.    Kids are very happy to write good things about Radhika.

4.    Shanti help children to learn the chess game.

5.    Children paint some eggs and they are very happy to paint flowers and color it.

6.    Kids are given fruit and biscuit thrice week. They feel happy to get it.

7.    Kids learn vidrieras by Shanti and me and help to make paper flowers.

8.    Kids are reading stories books.

9.    Kids are very happy to celebrate 8th Anniversary with Maria and Teachers. They get juice.

10.Kids learn drama by Eureka, Dance by Eureka and me, learn speech and some songs.

Hope you like our Activities of this month.

 Muchas gracias for your ayuda y apoyo.

We are very agradecido to you.

We miss you very much.

Se Feliz and Quidate.

Sadikshya Shrestha

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