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Reporters Septiembre 2017

Eureka Pradhan

Hola Maria.

Dulce Recuerdo


Estamos muy bien here. Hope usted también está bien alli.

Actividades de las mujeres:

1)    In high level math class, women are studying goodly. Next month, there will be the exam of it. They are doing revision and practice.

2)    In low level of Math class, Women are regularly coming an studying. This low level exam is also going to be on next month.

3)    In social class, women are studying good and going on. they are doing hardlabor to study.

4)    On the occasion of Krishna Janasthami and Teej, women put money in the money box.

5)    This month women draw very good picture of Autum and Dashain too. They do nice color also.

6)    women put money in Money box for Dashain.

7)    In Philosophy class, this time they tell about daily use things like soap names found in shop; biscuits names, hospitals names; foods names; schools names, how much they knew. we want to see them capable to tell and how much they remembered. they are happy to play this game in Philosophy class and sometime this types of learning is needed and important.

8)    Women are reading newspaper and magazines time to time.

9)    They are also playing rummy; errors games.

Actividades de los ninos:

1)    All the children are coming regularly here.

2)    In this month, children draw different picture about Dashain and Autumn. They color them very nicely and well.

3)    Like before, Children are playing different types of games like rummy, error, damas, parrachis, Oca, puzzle, chess etc.

4)    In this month for Handwork, children make mural of Dashain with colorful pieces of Paper in Chartpapers. It is very nice and good. Children wishes you Happy Dashain.

5)    they celebrated children's day and have good time.

6)    They are cleaning streets and garden every Sunday.

7)    children saw movies about God Ganesh. They are very happy to watch it.

8)    In a week, 3/3 times we gave biscuit and fruit to the children.

9)    Children are learning good English class by Sadikshya and Shanti Help Children.

This activities of women and children, hope you like it. We all would like to give thanks for your Help and support. Wishes you Happy Dashain 2074.

Eureka pradhan        

 Sadikshya Shrestha

Hola Founder Maria.

 Firstly I would like to wish you a very very happy Dashain; may Goddess Durga Bhawani and other goddess give you power and strength. They bless you. Truth wins against lies and power wins against Devil. espero que todo sea bueno y agradable en Espana. que siepre te sientas feliz y saludable. Celebrar con usted en este festival mas grande.

Women Activities:

1.     In high and low level, women are doing hard labor to read and write. They are doing with the word, sentences and phrases.

2.     All English level of classes are going very good. Women are improving in medium level; women are learning well to write message on cell phone and how to read as well. They are going with the letters.

3.     This month, women have good philosophy class about Dashain, and material impotant in their daily life; what is more useful in their life. The class gone very well and impressive. they feel happy to share with us teachers.

4.     Women drew very beautiful painting about autumn and for Dashain. the color makes so attractive . The painting looks so excitement. Women are doing better with the painting. They are very nice.

5.     they are having reading of newspaper in the class and this time they also read nepali women magazine.

6.     Women saw Spanish movies and Nepali film about education, they are very happy to watch them . Women Wishes you Happy Dashain. Stay blessed

7.     Women are eager and interested in playing the rummy games as they like it very much. They also played errors game; they wanted to play sopade letters game.

Activities Children:

1.     This time on English class, kids learn paragraph about prepositions, articles and also they read stories and poem very well. they are doing much better and improve than before.

2.     Kids learn making mural of colorful Papers very goodly with Teachers for Dashain. Its so beautiful and nice to look. We all are very happy to do it. All wishes you Happy Dashain 2074.

3.     Kids, this time they saw movie of Ganesha on the occasion of Goddess chaturdashi. They are happy to see it and they seem happy to come in Cultural Center The Khushi Nest.

4.     Kids are playing all types of games like, lego, chess, Oca, Rummy, error, Parchis, Damas etc with curiosity, interestedly and happily. They seem very happy to play and learn game.

5.     Kids are always cleaning the street and garden once a week on Sunday and they like to keep it clean, they are also helping each other in every activities of the Cultural Center. Children are given fruit and biscuit thrice week. They feel happy to get it.

6.     Kids enjoy celebrating Children's day by danicng, singing songs, reciting poems and stories. Laxmi came too. They are very happy to get food and juice.

7.     For autumn and Dashain, they frew very nice painting and color so well. They are very happy to do it.

Muchas Gracias for your help and support Founder (Maria). Teachers, women and kids are very grateful and thankful to Founder (Maria).

De’Donde Eres

Se Feliz and Cuidate.

Sadikshya Shrestha

Shanti Maharjan

Hola Maria,

                  Como Esta Usted? Best wishes for good health and progress to you.You are fine in Spain and everything is going very well. As for the report for the month September.

                  I would like the present following points.

          Women activities:

1)    High level Nepali Students are doing hard work in study.

2)    Medium and low level Nepali students are running very well. They are also doing hardwork in study. They able to read Magazine, newspaper, story book etc. It's examination is going may be on next week.

3)    This month also we show Spanish movies to the women. They were very much happy to watch the movies. They get new knowledge and ideas.

4)    On the occasion of the Indra Jatra and Dashain festivals women donate some money in the money box.

5)    In every 15 days we took a philosophy class. In Philosophy class we teach them about Indra Jatra and other general knowledge which is the best knowledge of our personal life.

6)    This month we teach them how to make flower, Dashain drawing and autumn painting.

7)    We teach them how to play rummy games, puzzle games. They like very much and very interested games.

8)    Our great festival Dashain has been started in this month so the women and children are departuring to their villages for the celebration of Dashain Festival. Some women and Children will joined the Khushi Nest after Tihar (Festival of Light).

9)    The Khushinest Cultural Center celebrate great festival with women and children. They were given fruits and biscuits as refreshment. The Khushi Nest team all the women and childen miss you a lot and wishes you many Happy freat festival of Dashain.

        Children Activities:

1)    Regarding children evening classes are running very well. Children are entertaining with rummy games chess, Damas, OCa, Carrom board, Lego, Puzzle, 8 errors games, drawing, coloring, reading, writing etc. They are doing their school's homework also.

2)    They were given fruits and biscuits in regular.

3)    Every Sunday, three teachers and children clean the garden.

4)    Children had celebrated children day. We teach them about the importance of the activities they learn.

5)    For this month we train them about colorful paper mural specially for the Dashain. It is very beautiful..

6)    Sadikshya took English class to children about articles, prepostions, reading stories and poem. I help them to write.

7)    This time children saw the movie about the ganesh and his good work. They were very happy to see it.

Hope you like our this month activities. Lastly, I wish you very good health and good time. I miss you a lot.

Cuidate y Adios.


Shanti Maharjan

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