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Reporters Septiembre 2016

Shanti Maharjan

28th September 2016               

Hola Maria,

         How are you? Hope you are fit and fine in Spain. I would like to present the activities of "The Khushi Nest" for the month in the following topics.

Woman activities:

1.     The first shift (11:00 am to 12:00 pm) basic level Nepali subject students are regular in class. Classes are running smoothly. This month also some new women join basic level Nepali class.

2.     The second shift (12:00 pm to 01:00 pm) medium level Nepali subject students are regular in class. This shift women are doing more interaction with group friends.

3.     The third shift (01:00 pm to 02:00 pm) high level Nepali subject students are regular.

4.     This month, TEEJ (Greatest women festival of fasting) observed. On the occasion they donate some amount in money box.

5.      This month also we show movies to the women. They are happy to see movie.

6.     Our great festival DASHAIN is very near. It starts from 1st October. The women and children are returning to their village for the celebration of DASHAIN festival.

7.     We observe DASHAIN program with women and children at "The Khushi Nest". We miss you a lot on the occasion.

8.     I would like to express great thanks to you for the increment of DASHAIN bonus.

9.     On the occasion of dashain, women donate money into money box.

Children activities.

1.     Children evening class is running smoothly. Children are entertaining with various kinds of games. Chess, ring, oca, carom board, spellex, skipping etc are being played by them.

2.     On the occasion of CHILDRENS' DAY, children conduct program. They are given fruits and biscuits as refreshment on the day.

3.     On the occasion of DASHAIN, children are given painting and colour works.

4.     For handicraft and paper work, children are train to make colourful box greetings.

5.     Children clean camp goes every Sunday.

Hope you like the monthly activities of the month September.

Lastly, I wish you very good health and good time. Take care.

Thank you.


Shanti Maharjan


26th September 2016

Reports of Activities

Sadikshya Shrestha

Hola Maria.

Firstly, I would like to wish you from inside of my heart great Happy Dashain; May goddess Durga Bhawani give you strength, make you success, have prosperity and always make you happy; People believe that in this Festival it Destroy demon and win power and justice truth. Hope everything is good and fine with you and your friends too. I am sending you the activities done in the Khushi Nest in following points.

1.    Women and kids draw very nice and beautiful drawing for DASHAIN festival. They are very happy to sketch it with colors.

2.    We had celebrated Dashain Festival with women and kids by putting TIKA; singing different song and tales; putting money in money box and gave birds; We offer snacks and tea for women and for kids we give them ice-cream and fruits and other things, they sang song, told jokes, poem. They seem so happy and had good time at Khushi Nest. All give you Wishes of Dashain Festival and they miss you a lot.

3.    As usual women are having the classes regularly and they are sincerely studying and trying to improve in every subject. All women classes of English are going goodly. They are improving much more. Some new women are interested to study English as they are studying Nepali and Math; they are starting to study on it.

4.    Women are watching e-mails which you had brought from Spain. They like it very much and happy to watch it.

5.    Ladies celebrated TEEJ festival with happiness, laugh and have well thoughts in their heart, they dance, sang songs and they enjoyed a lot by forgetting all sorrows and pain. They are very happy to celebrate it with us in The Khushi Nest.

6.    Kids are doing their daily activities regularly in good way. They seem happy to do it which will help to develop their minds and intellectual.

7.    Kids are playing various games like chess, ludo, spellex, lego, carom, table tennis, balls etc; attending English class, got much improvement and speed in English writing; attending Art class and well coloring on it. We are very happy to see them they are doing nice in it.

8.    For handwork, children learn how to make beautiful and lovely box greeting handwork for Dashain. They are very happy to make it as well as we also to teach them.

9.    Kids are helping each other for any work or any activities in The Khushi Nest, Seeing this we feel proud of them.

10.We all want to wish you Happy Dashain of 2016 again. Thank you for your help and support for each and every thing. Hope you like this month activities.

Your’s sincerely and faithfully

Sadikshya Shrestha



Eureka Pradhan

Namaste Maria. Sweet rememberance and love.

We are fine here. Wish you are also fine there. In this month our greatest festival lies so I Pray for your good health, prosperity and happiness life with Goddess Durga and also On the occasion of Dashain festival you gave by increasing 1500 bonus to us, thank you my inside of my heart.

 Women’s activities:

1.    High level of Math students are studying goodly. They are coming regularly, they are increasing their studying level much more than before.

2.    Medium group of Math level, women had given examination in August. They all had done good in result, they are also doing hard work in the study.

3.    Low Level of Math, all women are studying goodly and They are coming regular. They are preparing class Test in another month.

4.    Social group of women class is also going goodly. They are having opportunity to study poem, novel and stories. They are felling very happy for this.

5.    On the occasion of Dashain, all women draw picture for Dashain and they draw so nicely. They enjoyed it a lot.

6.    In the beginning of this month, women festival TEEJ. We all celebrate it with women. On that day, they dance and sang. All women seem so happy.

7.    On the finishing month Dashain festival is coming so by singing songs, putting TIKA, giving some sweets to all women we celebrate Dashain Festival. They all wishes you Happy Dashain.

8.    On the occasion of Dashain Festival while celebrating Dashain, women put money in the money box.

Children’s activities:

1.    Children are coming regularly to The Khushi Nest. They are doing routine activities like playing games, studying. They do their work regularly. They seems improving than before.

2.    Children draw beautiful kites for the Dashain and they done it very well.

3.    On the occasion of Children day, we did program, at that time they sang, tell poem, dance. They are very happy on that day. We gave them chocolate, biscuits, fruits, juice, dalmot as snacks. They are happy at that time.

4.    On the occasion of Dashain for handwork we teach them box greeting. As it looks so nice, it is important also. We can write something; inside we can put something like flower and give it to other. They are so happy to make it.

5.    We had done program for children also, at that time they tell about Dashain. They said they feel very happy and fun with all family members to celebrate it. They all wish you Happy Dashain.

6.    We had admitted one new children and they are also coming to The Khushi Nest to study.

7.    Like always they are playing oca, damas, parchis, spellex, chess, ring, carom board, table tennis games etc…

8.    Children are having fruits and biscuits three times a week.

We feel so happy to give like this in every work in education to women and children. Thank you for your support in every work.


Eureka Pradhan

Like this every activities had been done, we feel like we are improving much in society. For this every work and your help, I would like to thank you.

Eureka Pradhan



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