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Reporters Marzo 2015

         30th March 2015   Shanti’s women activities:

Report for the month March

Namaste and welcome Maria.

We are very much happy to welcome Founder Maria Villalba Badia at the Khushi Nest Cultural Center. Her present at this center made me the feeling of safe and secure the guardianship of Maria Villalba Badia is always expected by me.

I would like to present monthly report for the month March.

The first shift High level Nepali (11 to 12 pm) students are progressing their study in better way. They are very happy to get education in Khushi Nest. Now a days they are recieting poem and National song for 4th anniversary. They are working hard. Teacher’s name Shanti

Name list of students:

Chandra Devi, Lila Devi, Punam, Gita, Sudha, Kumari, Jangmu, Sita and Rangita.

The second shift Medium level Nepali (12 to 1 pm) students are also recieting poem and National songs for 4th anniversary. They are study very hard. They are improving day by day. I am satisfied with their study. Teacher’s name Shanti

Name list of students:

Sita, Laxmi Hera, Hishi, Dhachin, Laxmi Pahadi, Laxmi Tamang, Laxmi Darai, Rajeshowri, Bindu and Bina.

The third shift basic level new (1 to 2 pm) students are admitted for Nepali subject. Books have been distributed to newly admitted students. They are regular in class. They are very happy to get education in Khushi Nest. Their study is going fine. Teacher’s name Shanti

Name list of students:

Maya, Nani Maiju, Dev Kumari, Bisnu Kumari, Shanti, Sita Anu, Chakra Maya, Pasang, Niruta, Kriti, Laxmi Shrestha, Laxmi Ghatri, Sangita, Anita, Utmi, Him Kumari and Sapana.

EUREKA’s women activities:

The first shift high level Math (10 to 11 am) students are progressing their study. They are very much happy to get education in Khushi Nest. They are interested in math. They are hard working .Teacher’s name Eureka

Name list of students:

Babita, Laxmi Hera, Bina, Chakra Maya, Rangita, Kumari, Sudha, Gita, Lila Devi, Anita and Chandra Devi.

The low level Math (2 to 3 pm) students are admitted for math subject. They are regular in class. Their study is going fine. They are very happy to get education in Cultural Center.

Teacher’s name Eureka.

Name list of students:

Bishnu Kumari, Sabitri, Anu, Pasang, Laxmi Darai, Laxmi Shrestha, Niruta, Sita, Maya, Shanti, Kamala, Kriti, Maya, Sapana, Utmi, Him Kumari, Sangita, Dev Kumari.

The medium social level (1 to 2 pm) students are progressing day by day. They are recieting poem and National song for 4th anniversary. They are working hard. They are very interested in social class. Teacher’s name Eureka.

Name list of students:

Chandra Devi, Nani chhori, Gita, Sudha, Anita, Usha, Tara, Tara Devi and Ratna Devi

SADIKSHYA’s women activities:

The low level English (10 to 11am) students are admitted for English subject. They are interested to learn English. Some has studied before and some had not studied. Women are trying to need and write. . Teacher’s name Sadikshya.

Name list of students:

Sunita Sada, Sabitri, Maya Sherpa A, Maya Sherpa B, Kumari, Sapana, Pema, Kalpana and Bimala.

The Medium English level (11 to 12pm) students are coming regularly. They read and write goodly. Last month, they gave class test examination and they did well. Some students of this class are practicing speech for the 4th anniversary. Teacher’s name Sadikshya.

Name list of students:

Laxmi Pahadi, Sita, Chhiuda, Hisi, Kumari, Mohan Devi, Bina, Laxmi Darai, Rita, Pema, Sunita, Kriti, Anita, Pasang, Dev Kumari, Chakra Maya.

The high English level (12- 1pm) students are doing very good as they are practicing conversation given in the book with teachers and friends. They are eager to write paragraph about their own life and other stories. All women are coming regularly. Teacher’s name Sadikshya.

Name list of students:

Nani chhori, Chandra Devi, Gita, Sudha, Anita, Sarita, Him Kumari, Ranjita, Lila Devi and Babita.

Above activities has been done as usual for the month March.Lastly, I wish you very good health and good time.

Take care and bye.

Thanking you.

Shanti Maharjan


31st March 2015    Sadikshya Shrestha 

Hola Maria. How are you hoping everything is going well and fine with you. You are coming to Nepal in the Khushi Nest. We are very happy to see you back. Hope you are happy to see us working together and helping each other.

  1. In this month, many activities have been done for the 4th anniversary for April like:

  • Making colorful birds for the people coming for the program.

  • Selection of the photos of Kids, women and teachers.

  • Making certificates for the women who have completed their study for 6 month, a year or 2 year etc in English, Nepali, Math and Social.

  • Practicing one book song from Nepali and other book song from Social.

  • Practicing National song for the 4th anniversary.

  • Speech practicing for the 4th anniversary.

  • Children practicing dance, welcome sing, learning drama, speeches, learning flute.

  1. Many New women are coming to study in the Khushi Nest to study and learning. 11 are new

  2. Three kids have been admitted to the Khushi Nest; their performance is very good.

  3. Children are learning many activities as weekly:

  • They are learning each class very goodly like English classes; they have improved a lot than before.

  • Painting classes, they are doing progress and making painting goodly.

  • They learn handmade work like making colorful buttons in the paper so that we can hang too.

  • They are learning flute very goodly and doing hard work in it.

  • Doing good work and helping this time in the Khushi Nest many children like: Palistha, Kristina, Manish, Anish, Rakshya, Samir etc kids climbed in the mountain.

  • Children cleaning street in the Khushi Nest every Sunday. They have learning the habits to be being neat and clean.

  1. Women all classes are going very well and they are learning goodly and improving much than before.

  2. Maria came and change many new flower in the bucket.

  3. Maria brings many new puzzles, a camera, photos of flowers etc.

  4. Children are very happy to learn many things which build up their minds, ideas, and knowledge; to be a good person and have feeling of helping each other.

  5. Children are getting 13-14 times fruits and 13-14 times biscuits.

10.Children and women are very grateful to Maria for all things.

Thanking you

Sadikshya Shrestha 


31st March 2015   Eureka Pradhan 

Namaste Maria.

We are fine here. I Wish you wealthy and have good health. You are coming to Nepal now we are very happy. We are doing work together and we are very happy in doing it; 4th anniversary is also coming. We are doing preparation for this program. For this I wish good and progress for the Khushi Nest.

In this month children activities are like this:

  1. For the 4th anniversary, we are teaching them different work like: Dance, welcome song, Drama, Speeches etc.

  2. For handwork, I teach to children how to make in paper buttoms hanging thing. Firstly we sketch in Paper elephants, Flowers and paste buttoms by gum so that it make attractive and good. Children are very happy to learn it.

  3. In this month, Children Rakshya Diwali, Samir Diwali, Manish Pandey, Kristina Thapa, they climb in the Mountain as they have clean the benches, Sharp Pencils, cleaning water; Nimchoki For the cleaning the gloves; Palistha and Kristina for cleaning the fruits.

  4. In this month children paint many flower pictures which are very nice and attractive.

  5. In this month we made handmade paper birds; children will paint in it. We hope birds with color will be good and attractive. Children could be happy to fill the colors on it.

  6. In this month, Children played chess, Ball, Matching game, Table tennis, badminton, house making etc.

  7. Maria put many flowers in the bucket which are very beautiful and good.

  8. Like before always we give 3 times fruits and 3 times biscuits in a week; in month 13-14 times children will be given biscuits and 13-14 times fruits.

  9. On Sunday, children are cleaning the street surrounding near the Khushi Nest.

In this Cultural center children as well as Women are very happy. For helping and learning all things we are very much happy.

Thank You.

Eureka Pradhan 

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