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Reporters Septiembre 2014

Namaste Maria!

Wishing your good health and progress ahead, I would like to present report for the month September 2014. After ended of festival Indra Jatra-The Festival of Living Goddess Kumari, our greatest festival Dashain has been started.

The Dashain started from 25th September to ends on 8th October this year. The Khushinest will remain closed from 28th September to 7th October (10 days) for the celebration of festival.

As it is the greatest festival of Nepalese, the women and children are going back to their villages from Kathmandu for the celebration of Dashain. Some women and children will resume their classes after Tihar, the festival of light and second greatest festival of Nepalese.

For extra curricular activities, this month, children shown cultural program and women gather for exchanging greeting of Dashain festival.

The Kushinest team, all the women and children miss you a lot during program and all we wish you too for peace, progress and prosperity in your life. We all pray to God Durga for your long and healthy life.

For the month, we make show about photos slides that you brought from Spain. All the women and children feel that they were really roaming Spain and other part of Europe. They were extremely excited to see such slides and demanded to see more. If you have such slide documentary, please bring here in your next visit here.

Class Activities-Women

a.   The first and second shift high level Nepali students are progressing their study and now they are able to study Nepali magazines and Newspaper.

b.   The third shift basic level Nepali students’ class test has been taken. As per result, they all succeed and snaps of class test have been already posted by Sadikshya Shrestha.

Class Activities-Children

a. All the children are continuing their class and a new student named Alisha Tamang has admitted.

The detail of MS Alisha Tamang has been already posted o you by Sadishya Shrestha.

b. On 14th September, The Children Day has been celebrated. On the day, the drawing about competition was conduct on the topic “Street Children”. The children cultural show as conducted and they were distributed biscuits and fruits on the day.

c. For the month, we train the children to make hand made greeting cards for Dashain.

Thanking you, I would like to end my report here.



Shanti Maharjan



Namaste Maria. How are you? Hope everything is going good. Happy Dashain. Wishing you a very good health, prosperous and good luck.

Report of women

  1. From 28th of September to 7th October, (10 days) we had Dashain Festival so we gave all women and children Dashain vacation holidays as they need to go their village to celebrate Dashain. Many women gone to village for Dashain and some will come after Tihar because it is too far to come go and come back .

  2. From 10 am to 11am Math class is going well and class test exam has been taken. They had done well in that exam.

  3. 1 pm to 2pm group social Studies classes is going well. They are able to read and write story and knows how to question and answer. After Dashain Examination will be taken.

  4. 2pm to 3pm class group, women are coming regularly for Math class. They are doing progress and improvement. Next month they will be taken examination.

  5. All women wishes you Many Many happy Dashain, good health and prosperous.

  6. Women sang songs, dance and enjoy dashain very greatly. They exchange greetings and blessing with each other.

  7. Women is watching all pictures which you had brought from Spain.

Report of Children

  1. Children day is occurred in this month so with children we celebrated. Children drew pictures of Street children pictures so that they can know many things of children and their many useful things.

  2. All children examination has been finished so we taught children dance.

  3. We taught children how to make handwork with paper to exchange greeting card for Dashain Festivals which can be useful to give gifts etc.

  4. Children enjoy practicing Handwriting.

  5. Children Dance, sang songs and enjoy very much. They had fun and celebrated Dashain in The Khushi Nest.

  6. Children has been provided fruits and biscuits regularly thrice a week.

  7. Children wishes you Many Happy Dashain with lots of Love and celebration.

  8. We admitted one girl name Alisha in The khushi Nest. She is very honest girl.


Take care, Love You Maria.

Eureka Pradhan




Namaste Maria. Happy Dashain. Hope your good health, prosperity and progress. Hope everything is going good and well with you. In this month we had done many activities with women and children in study and extra activities and celebration of Dashain Festival in the Khushi Nest.


  1. All women classes are going well from this month Dashain Festival has been started so women need to go village to celebrate Dashain so we gave 10 days holidays from 28th September to 7th September. Many Women could come after Tihar as it's too far to come and go.

  2. Women wish you Happy Dashain and miss you. They put Tika and blessing with us.

  3. Classes of 3 English groups of mine are going well from 10am, 11pm and 12pm. They are doing good and hard labor; improving and learning very well.

  4. Women are watching pictures of natural scenes, resources etc which are really knowledge tive and interesting. They are very happy to see it.

  5. We do not have new women in this month.

  6. Some Nepali classes examinations class test has been taken. Next month, examination will be taken.


  1. Children celebrated children day by drawing pictures of children who stays in street. We want to see how children describe it with their pictures and their life. Some they drew so well and they celebrated so goodly.

  2. All children examination is running and they did well; after the examination has been finished some children need to go school after Dashain and some have holiday's upto Tihar. On holidays of Dashain Vacation they go to their village to celebrate biggest Festival Dashain with their relatives and family.

  3. In the khushi Nest, children celebrated Dashain festival by putting Tika from teachers and take blessings. They danced, sang songs, recite poems and jokes. Children seem so happy. All children who were out from The Khushi Nest they also come to wish us and you Happy Dashain. We gave them something to have.

  4. One children name Alisha girl is admitted to The Khushi Nest. She is very good girl and honest. Soon I will send you report.

  5. Children are getting biscuits and fruits thrice a week.

  6. Children are very happy to come in The Khushi Nest to spend time, enjoy moment after school and learn many extra and useful activities which grow their mind, intellectual and make broad their mind.

  7. We make pictures of Dashain with many activities and make children to learn how and why we celebrated Dashain.


Thank you, Take care and Adios.

lots of love and Happy Dashain.


Sadikshya Shrestha

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