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Reporters Agosto 2014

Namaste Maria. How are you? Hope you are good and well. Indra jatra is coming near so wishes you goddess Kumari, Bhairav and Ganesh blesses you.

Women report

  1. From 10 am to 11pm Math class is going good. They are doing better. They are learning Geometry.

  2. 1pm to 2pm Social class is also going well. They are learning goodly day by day; they are progressing which are good for them as well as Teachers too.

  3. 2pm to 3pm class is also going well. Women are coming regularly.

  4. We had admitted two women and one women study in social class too.

  5. Women watch documentary movies and pictures which you brought from Spain.

  6. On the day of Teej, we gave women holiday so that they could enjoy the festival with happiness and enjoyment.

Children report

  1. Children are coming regularly in The Khushi Nest. They are very happy to come here and doing well.

  2. The examination result of children is very satisfied. They are obtaining good performance in the school. We are happy to see the positive change within them.

  3. We had admitted new girl name Anisha. She is sincere and honest. She is good girl.

  4. We taught children making handmade frame to put pictures which is very useful to give gift or to put their own pictures as it is not costly. They can make it in their home as well.

  5. They sang song, played games and they enjoyed and time by time they are doing it to create the good moment with friends and teachers. All are happy with it.

  6. They are getting fruits and biscuits thrice a week. They are happy to get it.

Thank you Maria, Take care

Eureka Pradhan



Namaskar (Hola) Maria, How are you hoping fine? Everything is fine and wish always healthy and good. I am sorry as I could not respond your message because of three week sickness having fever. We have here problem in electricity more hours lights cutting per day as well and many time laptop problems. From onwards We will try to send you reports and Pictures within 30th of each month. Going to change battery of Laptop as we cannot repair battery, having problems in program so installing software. When we do print ink has been finish so we are changing Printer Ink toner. I am sending you activities of women and children of this month. Legal work is going on. We had a meeting time to time. Auditor's also doing work for The Khushi Nest which is going to finish soon.


  1. We had admitted 2 women in Nepali basic group level, Social class group and English basic group level. I am sending you reports with pictures.

  2. Women saw Nepali documentary knowledge movies, Pictures which you brought from Spain.

  3. Women are coming and learning in all groups. They are improving more than before after coming here.

  4. All classes are going well of English basic, Medium and high groups classes.

  5. Women greatest Festival Teej (On this day) we gave holidays to Women. They went in their village to celebrate festival with family full of happiness, enjoyment by dancing singing songs etc and they took fasting for the long life for their husband, worship does Puja to Shiva.



HOLLA ! Maria, How are you? Hope you are fine and fit in Spain and everything is going very well. Wishing for good health and progress to you, I would like to present my report.

Women activities:

1. The first shift (11:00am to 12:00 pm) high level Nepali students are in progress their study in better way. They are very happy to get education in Khushinest. They are able to read story book, paragraph and magazine. I am very happy to see it.

2. The second shift (12:00pm to 1:00 pm) medium level Nepali student are progressing their study. They are working hard.

3. The third shift (1:00pm to 2:00pm) basic level Nepali student is going very well. They are interested and doing hard work. I am satisfied with their study.

4. We had admitted two new students low level Nepali class. The snaps and reports will post to you.

5. Teej (festival of women)holiday was given on 28th August. 

Children activities:

1. One new child has admitted in the Khushinest. Report and picture will send to you.

2. For the month we train the children about how to make hard cover photo frame with silver wrapping paper. They prepare hand make photo frame of it. They are very happy to make photo frame. The children miss you a lot.

3. Regarding children evening classes are running very well. All the children are coming regularly. Children are happily doing their school’s homework and playing games, dancing, singing and watching television.

4. The term result of children from their respective school is very good and they found to be sincere towards their study and performance. We are very happy. Hope you like this month activities. Festive season is on the way here. Might you heard about LIVING GODDESS KUMARI, the festival known as INDRA JATRA starts from

6th of September. We’ll send you snaps of festival soon.

Lastly, I wish you very good health and good time. Take care and bye.

Thanking you.


Shanti Maharjan

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