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Handwork of Hard board paper photo frame

Date: 29th June 2016

On June 2016, we teach to the children how to make hard cover board photo frame so that they can hang on the wall or they can make stand on the table vey beautifully.

To make this handwork, we need many several things like:

  • Hard cover board
  • Thin paper
  • Glue and scissor
  • Pieces of clothes
  • Wrapping decorative Thin paper
  • Photo and Thread

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Firstly to make the photo frame by hard cover board we need the up given material. It is very easy to make as it is of Paper work of Hard and thin Papers used by glue and tape as well. The photos can be use by children themselves or other. It can be used as the photo frame hanging or can be put in Stand as well. We made it very nicely and beautifully with colorful wrapping papers and on window also of paper. Children are very happy to learn it and make it. We make with our 5th Anniversary photos including you (Maria) hung it in Office room and class. It can be present as gift or prize as well. All are very glad to learn it. They can make it now in their home. As it is not costly and home material can be used.


Handwork Flower from pieces of clothes

Date: 30th April 2016

On April 2016, we teach to children how to make a flower of useless pieces of clothes beautifully and attractively. It can be made in stick wood with many colors of clothes.

To make this handwork, we need many several things like:

  • Pieces of clothes
  • Needle and thread
  • Strong glue
  • scissors
  • wood stick
  • Cotton

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To make handwork of flower with pieces of waste clothes firstly we need to have given things. We need to sew the piece of clothes. We need to separate the stick of woods in equal length. Then we sewing the piece of clothes with the up part of stick and inserting inside some amount of cotton to give the shape like a flower. Then put some powerful glue in down part of the clothes and need to sew up side part like the flower attractive shape. Like this we can have beautiful, attractive and blooming stick flower. It is very easy to make in anywhere. It can be given to other people as gift in occasion; it can change the positions of the places if it is there. It is very usable as it has been made by useless clothes and cotton. Children are very happy to learn and hope they will again make at their home. We teachers feel happy to teach children as well. Hope you had like this month of April handwork report.


Handwork of Doll patching piece of colorful papers

Date: 31st March 2016

On March 2016, we teach to children how to make a beautiful doll by patching its blouse and skirt with colorful paper, wool of hair which looks attractive and beautiful. It is very easy to make and quick to learn.

To make this handwork, we need many several things like:

  • Chart cover hard paper
  • Scissor
  • Colorful thin papers
  • Glue
  • Wool
  • Color

To make handwork of doll by patching we need the materials which are given upward. Firstly on the hard cover paper we patch the scarf, face, blouse and skirt of girl by glue with colorful piece of papers. We try to paste the hair of wool. Children sketch eye nose and mouth on it and hands too with pen. They color all over the paper with color pencils which looks so attractive and nice to send. It can be used to various purposes like gift, like frame and save in album too. Children are very happy to learn and make it easily. It is very nice and lovely to look; it makes laugh as well as feel nice. It need less money to make as it can be made with waste less colorful paper which can be reuse. Teachers are also happy to teach to children. It is very easy to make so children can make it in their home as well.

Handwork of Stationary Hard paper stand

Date: February 2016

On February month of 2016, we teach to the Children how to make hard paper stand to put pen pencil and gel pen etc. It is so beautiful and attractive after making it. It is very useful to put stationary.

To make this handwork, we need many things like:

1.Hard cover paper


3.Thin colorful papers

4. glue 

To make the handmade hard cover paper stand we need up given things. We should use hard cover of Digestive biscuit paper to make the stand of roller toilet paper. It is very easy to make as we paste colorful thin paper to roller and hardcover paper to have decorative and attractive stand with glue. To give more natural and beautiful we can make the thin paper various shapes like star leaf heart etc. Children or anyone can use it to put stationary things so that it cannot be lost. They can use it to their own purpose or can give as gift. Children are very excited and seem happy to learn it. We teachers are also glad to teach them. It is very easy and cheap to make. It is not costly.

Handwork of Plastic bottle as money box

Date: January 2016

On January month of 2016 beginning of New Year, we teach to the Children that we can use water plastic bottle as money box too. So we teach them how to make the plastic bottle as money box in attractive way so that they can use it to save money.

To make this handwork, we need many things like:

1. Plastic bottle as any size

2. Scissor

3. Colorful Thin paper

4. Cello Tape

5. Colorful pen 

To make the handmade plastic bottle as money box, we need given things. We can make it in attractive way by pasting paper as leg, ear, tail  by colorful paper .We make the shape like pig animal by putting eye to make  it more alive and nice. Children can make it in their home as it is cheap and they can find the things easily. They can save money for their purpose for future to spend money or they can give it as present to others as well. Children are seems very happy to learn it. Teachers are also very glad to teach them. They like to save money in money box at their home.

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