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Reporters Octubre 2013

Namaste Maria.

In this October month.  Women, children and we all teachers enjoy Dashain Festival very goodly, happily with our friends, family and relatives. The khushi Nest starts from 20th of October. Women and Children are coming but some are not coming because some women had gone to village so they will come after Tihar. In Tihar, they need to do Bhai Tika to their elder brothers or younger brothers; they meet their relatives, friends, near and dear ones person. They enjoy with them.

I want to explain you about Tihar Festival. Tihar is festival of five days.

-1st day is Crow day and in Nepal we say Kaag Tihar. In this day people worship early in the morning crow as God with flowers, fruits, Tika, insane and candles. While we are going to eat food at morning we put all things to crow so that crow will come and eat it. we worship crow because from the ancient time we used to believe that if in a house someone is going to die or ill, it gives us awareness and make us feel about this happening or something is going to happen which will be not good.

-2nd day is Dog Tihar, Nepali we say kukur Tihar. In this day, Early in the morning; People worship Dog as a God with flowers, Tika, fruits, candles, insane. Dog will be very happy at that day. When we are ready for food. We give meat with rice to dog so that they feel happy. We worship Dog because if any problem, disease or wrong is going to happen us or in our family from ancient time we used to believe that dog fight for us and take the wrong thing which is going to happen, take diseases and make us healthy. Dog protect us if anything is going to happen to us.

-3rd day is laxmi Puja means the day we worship laxmi. Early in the morning , people used to put the red mud with cow dung in front of everyone house for the Good luck sign. They worship it to begin their day. All people go to worship cow at that day in the morning as we believe it as Goddess. So at evening time people decorate their houses with lights, candles. They burn patakas with their family, friends, relatives and other. They decorate, design and do rangolies woth different colors at their houses and worship Goddess Laxmi with full honor, respect, good thinking, and purity by their hearts with their families to male Goddess Laxmi happy. They put many types of sweets, fruits, candles, insane, coins, money, rice etc. All family members worship Goddess Laxmi in believe that goddess will come at night time in their home and bless them so they make arrangements for it.

4th day is Body worshipping; Nepali we call it Mha Puja. At that day in the family, all family members are doing arrangements and serving each other to worship their body (soul) because people believe that from ancient time our soul will change in the body and we do all activities or work whether it is good or bad. So if we donot have soul then body will be of no use and we could not do work and we could not be what we are up to now. They make rangolis to each family member with colors so that they need to sit their individuals rangolis. Mother, Grandmother they worship all family members from elders to youngers from head to shoulder and after worshipping they eat feast with many items. They enjoy time with their families and friends. They fire and burn patakas. They put lights and candles inside and outside of the houses. They burn insane and light candles to Goddess Laxmi.

-5th and very important day is Bhai Tika. Some people if their village is far and they are coming to work in Kathmandu then people go to their village before Bhai Tika and reach their home. Some women or ladies will go to their brothers’ house and some women or ladies call their brothers to their house to put Bhai Tika. All women/girls/ ladies are very happy from morning. They are preparing food; make arrangements to worship their brothers. They bring what they needed to worship. They prepare all the things to make happy to their brothers. They make manda(rangoli) for each brother for puja and they put many varieties of fruits. They cook sel roti to them and will honor, respect and happiness, blessing their brother. They worship with full process, rules and regulation. Brother put seven colors tika at their forehead by their sisters and mala (flowers) etc. we bring special Bhai Tika Flower to them. All seem to be so much happy, excitement, enjoying. Brothers give gifts to sister’s money or something whatever they like. Elder give blessing to youngers and youngers give love and respect to elders. People celebrate Bhai Tika because ancient time people believe that one women save her brother from the death by worshipping at that day of Bhai Tika by following the rules with full process with seven colors and mala so it make strong bonding relationship between brother and sister with love, respect and prosperity.

Like this we celebrate five Days Tihar Festival.

Some children will come after tihar as they have holidays upto Tihar. They seem to be very happy to celebrate in the khushinest with candles and making rangolis and serving ech other. We gave them Chocolates, Fruits, Juice and biscuits. They also learn how to make handmade greeting as gift for any occasion to give anyone as a gift which saves money and develop their minds and intellectual. Children are doing their homeworks, playing games, reading and learning activities from the khushi nest. The khushi nest will be closed for 3 days from 3rd Laxmi puja to 5th November  Bhai Tika. The khushi nest will Starts from 6th of November after Tihar.

Next month, we are giving order for Nepali, English and Math copies like before with same logo of the khushi nest. We will try to buy 5 cameras with beter or good quality at reasonable price. For those we need more money for cameras and copies.

Wishing you a very Happy Dipawali/Happy Tihar. Take care and warm hug..


Sadikshya Shrestha



Namaste Maria,

            Wishing for good health and progress to you, I would like to present monthly report for the month October.

            First of all, due to great festival of Nepalese “ Dashain ”, the cultural center conduct fewer class the earlier month. After Dashain festival vacation, still all the women and children are not present in the class. They informed us to continue after second great festival Tihar-Dipawali(The festival of light).  On the occasion of Tihar-Depawali the cultural center remain closed from 1st Nov to 4thNov 2013 AD.

            The center celebrate Tihar-Dipawali(The festival of light) with children. The children happily celebrate Dipawali. They were given fruits, chocolates and biscuits as refreshment. They prepare handmade greeting cards for their mom and dad. The children miss you a lot. They said , if they would have celebrate the dipawali that would be more excited.

            The center will continue from 5th November.

            Lastly, wishing you good health and good time, I would like to write “HAPPY


                        Take care and bye.

Thanking you

Shanti Maharjan



Namaste Maria.

 In this month, I write a mail to you lately because since two weeks. I am having sick. I have back pain problem so I am sick. When I go to check up with Doctor in Hospital; he said me to take therapy of backbone so I went to take therapy for one week. Now I am taking medicine so I am feeling little fine. I am sorry to send you message lately.

After finishing Dashain festival, we had started classes but many women are not coming regular as they are not coming back from the village. Women have been given Dashain Homework so I had checked during class. In 10am morning class, all women are not coming so who are coming they are studying goodly and doing hard labor. They will come after Tihar. Likewise 1pm group of women they are also doing hard labor to study social studies, coming time they will try to write long literature without looking in the book. At 2pm class of Math, women are also interested to learn and write Mathematics.

All children are also not coming because they are already in village so they will come back after Tihar. But children who are coming we had started the class with learning classes, checking home works of the Dashain Festival time. In free time they had played games. For this October month I teach them how to make useful greetings with colorful papers for Tihar. At that time they seem to be very happy and excited. While we made this type of greeting it is less costly. It is useful and less expensive. Children can wish each other easily through it.

Among this week, During Occasion of Tihar. We celebrate Tihar festival by organizing program with children. They are very happy at that time because Candles are burned, Rangoli has been made and Children are given fruits, biscuits, and chocolates. They seem very happy to take it from us. We all had missed you a lot.

We give 5 days’ holidays for Tihar Festival. Before you go back we had a conversation to paste a ceiling drawing in an office but that man has already gone to his village for Festival so his shop has been already closed. So we will go to order it in coming week and paste it. We will send you picture of it. 

Thank you very much.

Eureka Pradhan

Reporters Septiembre 2013

Namaste Maria.

How are you? Do you reach in Spain Safely? How is your Journey? Hope everything is good with you.

In the Month (Mes) Of September, We did Activities like cleaning the offices, classrooms, glasses of the windows and washed all curtains of the rooms.

Women are enjoying the classes and attending regularly as well as children was very active. They did paintings, enjoyed playing games and learned and wrote their home works and extra activities.

On 19th of September, Our honorable respectable person “Founder” Maria; you came in The Khushi Nest. We had a great time with you. Women as well as children welcome you so warmly. They all are happy to see you. After you came here, we discuss the beautiful things, improvements, and best for The Khushi Nest. We had color the curtains in Yellow color for the rooms. The color suits in curtains very nicely. We bought useful things which is needed for The Khushi Nest and made necessary arrangements to feel comfortable while working in The Khushi Nest Specially in all the rooms. We paint the color in the rooms white, behind the each doors facing classes yellows  windows border yellow which made changes the rooms so nicely, brightness and beautiful. We are very happy to have changed in all the rooms. We feel so glad to have bright color in the rooms.  We discuss many ideas, things which is good for The Khushi Nest. We women and children are so pleased to saw the changes in The Khushi Nest. She has brought Khutukre to put some money by women  as well as children and us so that we can help to some widow who is needy, poor and in a bad condition to give her little help to her to make feel better. Children could learn Spanish Word class as well as Women could have tales classes which grown up their mind, intellectual, and intelligent. Children learned many things during her presence and had great time. We took Children to “Hanuman Dhoka” museum which is so gaining knowledge, ideas and things about ancient times. Children seem to be well discipline, helping each other. Elder children are taking care of Younger or smaller children. Their performance was so good towards others. We visited many places. We had a very good time with children and you

As the Dashain is coming near many women are taking leave, they want to have holidays for Dashain so many women had already gone to village for Dashain Festival slowly. We gave them Dashain holidays with much reading and learning activities so while they came back they could not forget learning and reading activities.

Eureka taught children as well as we help her to make house from the paper by joining the hard paper with glue so children had made various small and beautiful paper houses with painting outside which is colorful and nice. We called it Hand Made Paper house. All children seem to be so happy to learn it. Children drew picture in the black chart paper and cut it in shape so that while pasting in the plastic cover in the window, it seems beautiful. They are very happy to do it with you as well as us too. Some new children are admitted in the cultural center and I had already sent you reports. These children are happy to come here and learn extra activities things by here and want to help each other.

At the last day, to say Good Bye with women and children; Women put Tika and give you gifts. She gave matches to all to make life fill with full of lights and brightness never be in darkness with sad. They enjoyed the day by singing songs. Children also give greetings and flower to you (Maria) with full of happiness and she gives chocolates to all children. We offer or provide all ice-cream as it is last day with you in The Khushi Nest and holidays before the Dashain. We feel so happy with you, having great time and moment with her wishing you a Happy Dashain. May Goddess Durga Bhawani bless you success, prosperity, bright and happiness in your life. Take care.

BE Felit

TU ES Muy Bonitto

Un Beso Furte

Sadikshya Shrestha

September 2013




Namaste Maria,

Hope you reach Barcelona safely. As for the report for the month September; I   would like the present following points:

1.This September has been fruitful to the khusinest due to arrival of founder Maria Villalba Badia.

2.The classroom has been painted.

3.The clay piggy bank has been commenced with a view to help poor widow

    women and children.

4.A small size water tank has brought so as to clean fruit, scrub the floor and

  clean the toilet etc.

5.The children are taken to Hunuman  Dhoka museum to see various historical  

    subject  matter.

The first shift (11:00 AM to 12:00 PM) high level students class test has been taken .I am satisfy with their study. They are also motivated. The second and third shift (12:00 PM to 2:00 PM) medium and basic level students are continuing their study is also going fine.

            Regarding children evening classes are running smoothly. Children are well  studying as well they are entertaining with various playing materials. For the  month we train them to make paper house and painting with water colours. Besides above activities, various other things are done like, curtain coloured,  summery writing about puppets, drawing 8 errors competition was held Pancha Buddha drawing paper pasted on ceiling,, and  drawing on blank chart paper has been displayed on window.

            Lastly I wish for your good health and good time.

                        Take care and bye.

Thanking you 


September 2013




30th September 2013

Hola Maria,

                            Maria first of all I am very happy to listen you arrived in Spain. This month we change many things in ‘’Khushi Nest Culture Center’’. Maria you came on 19th September 2013 we are very happy to see you and as well as children also very happy to see you. You came and you stay few days in Kathmandu but you change many things in Khushi Nest so we, The Khushi Nest Culture center team are very happy and thankful to you.

                            This month we painted white color all the class and office room. It is very light color so looking very nice, clean and good environment for children and women. Children and women are very happy to see changes of Khushi Nest. You bring one Money collected box from Spain it is very good idea to collect some money for widow it helps needy widow.

                           This month you bring all the children and we the entire teacher too in Basantapur Dabur square and we visited Hanuman Dhoka Musim, Children are getting many knowledge’s history of Nepal. It makes easy for Study for the children because they must to study in their school about history of Nepal. Children were very happy and enjoyed a lot. This month we gave class for children of handcraft to make house from wasted paper as well as you also teach them paper decorated and many Games and Spanish Class. Children were very happy and enjoyed it. We have been distribute fruits from beginning but you decided this month we gave them alternate biscuit and fruits. It is good for children’s health. This month we bring Ice cream and sweet for children to celebrate Dashain festival and wishing eachother.

                        This month in Nepal big festival Dashain is running. All the Nepalese celebrate fifteen days this festival and all the people join with family members so some women were already went in their village who is living temporally in town. We gave them fifteen days holiday. Women are improving their study all the women and children collected money in our money collected pot. It is positive things of women.

                          Lastly in this month we admitted five children in our Khushi Nent Caltural Center. They are middle class family. They are good children. Ok Maria Bye

Adios, asta loago Chau.

Eureka Pradhan.

Septembrer 2013


Reporters Agosto 2013

Namaste Maria.

In August Month, We have visited houses at the Nayabazaar.  Women wants to study but they do not know the literacy classes because as they used to live in village at childhood and did work on the household activities village, farming, agriculture and digging the field. They try to improve their lifestyle and want to be literate and know ideas and knowledge.

For women, all classes of women two classes of Math, Two English classes and Nepali classes of Eureka and Shanti are going well. Some new women are coming to study which I will send you report of all later. On 29th August high level Math level Examination from 10am to 11am has been taken. All women did very well in an Examination. Some women are not coming regularly as they have got sickness, some need to go urgently in their village for some days with our permission for their own personal work. Mostly, the new women are coming now. From 1pm to 2pm new classes of Shanti low level is going goodly. Women seem very happy to come here and study. Soon New English low level class is going too started. Next week, on September from 8 to 10 September women need holidays as they need to go in their own village and house to celebrate the Teej festival with their relatives, friends and family, they need to put fasting and worship god with respect so we decided to give them holidays.

For children, some Children are not coming like Astha Lama, Shirisha Ghimire, Mallika Lungeli Magar, Kritika Tamang, Manish and Anish Pandey and Ranjana Pariyar. Astha Lama is now taking classes lately in the school so she will not come as she is studying in the school late evening. Shirisha Ghimire is going hotel. She is busy in going hotel with her mother so she is not coming. Mallika Lungeli Magar is not coming since so many days nor can we contact with her parents. Kritika Tamang is very small child so she cannot come alone in the cultural center and her mother is pregnant and delivery period. So she is not coming. Manish and Anish Pandey is now taking home tuition with their school teacher; they too are also not coming. Ranjana is not coming since long time so she said she has extra classes in the school because now in schools children of upper level classes; they keep extra study classes to them for reading and writing so in the place of Ranjana we keep a girl name Chhoting Sherpa. Her mother gone abroad since a year so her father work in a trekking so she need the place like the cultural center so she could get better knowledge and ideas. She gets help and support to deal with the study problem too. We teach them how to painting with water color in a paper with imaginative and with their ideas. So they are now learning how to use painting color in a paper. They are now in painting in paper about coloring.

I had already informed to President about the orphan home that you cannot take because of the worse condition of Spain. President informs this information to the Lawyer. You have made an agreement about running it for years and lawyer had already made an all legal document to run the orphan home and is in process to run the orphan home with kids so
President said me it will be very difficult to cancel the legal document which are in process and improve and remake new legal document. What is your opinion towards it they wanted to know?


Your’s Faithfully

Take care






                                   Hope you are fine in Spain.  We all the teachers, children and women are very fine. First of all I am very happy to hear that you will come soon in Nepal. All the children are very excited to see you again.

                           Maria, our work is going well I have been teaching three classes like before at 10 to 11 o’clock is math class there is almost 20 students they all are improving a lot they solve basic mathematic they are very happy with their progress.  Another one is high level Nepali class it is at 1 to 2 o’clock there are 16 women they read and write properly their book, also they are improving a lot their study. Another one is low mathematic class. There are 12 students. When they were come for study, they did not know any basic things. But they are doing hard work in their study.

                               This month we visited three women’s house they are living surrounded seventeen wards. They are very interested in study. One of the women of these three women, Sommaya Tamang she know little word of math and Nepali So she join in high   level  Nepali class and Low math class. She is very happy to get chance to get Study. Another two women is in wetting list.

                               All the children are coming in our ‘’The Khushi nest cultural Center’’ in this month Malika Magar was left our center due to they moved their room. Other children Sirisha, Aastha, Kritika they have extra class in their school. And they are coming much let from their school so they could not attend in Cultural center. This month I teach children color panting and art. All the children learn very well they made very nice picture. We will send you that picture soon.

                                This month in different ward one Divaes Company gave free training about Gas kitchen. In Nepal many people used gas kitchen but they did not know some knowledge which makes big accident, so we requested them to teach our women and they save their life. It is very use full class foe everyone all the women as we too lean many things which we did not know before.

Auditor and President come in the khushi nest for the Auditting Expenses of the khushi nest legally for the renovation of the legal papers and document of The Khushi nest annually.

You are coming soon in the khushi nest so we can have conversation with our team. See you soon…

Thank You. Take care


Eureka Pradhan

Visiting women Agosto 2013

Date:August 2013

    We go to visit some women of 17 wards to know their condition and to collect their information. So we had gone to visit three women house to know the information about their life and towards the education too. So I am writing a list of women with their basic information with pictures.


 Visiting ward women13Visiting ward women12
Name: Som Maya Lama 
Address: Nayabazaar 
Subject: Nepali.

     She wants to study Nepali because she did not study because in village she did household work, farming and doing agriculture work. She wants to study to know the things to learn. She has a son so she needs to learn to teach and need to be brave. Her family condition is good. 


 Visiting ward women15Visiting ward women14

Name: Kamala Karki 
Subject: English and Math

     She wants to study to English as well as Math. She had studied few levels in village in childhood. In village she could not study well. It is not enough for her so she wants to study more in cities after coming from village with her husband and children. She wants to be literate as all her family members are educated. She had opened a cosmetic shop. She teaches sewing too so she earns little money from it. Her condition is not so good.


 Visiting ward women17Visiting ward women16

Name: Neeru Tamang 
Subject: Nepali and English

     She wants to study Nepali and Math to improve her life in good way as she wants to teach her child and to make better life now as she is a house wife. In childhood she used to live in her village so she could not read because of the household work.Her family condition is good .


Reporters Julio 2013

 In this Month, we have celebrated Teacher’s day On 22nd of July 2013 with women as well as Children. Women are very happy to celebrate it with teachers. They enjoyed a lot by dancing, putting Tikas and giving blessing, Presents and flowers etc and wearing khatas. We are very happy to put tika from the women as an honor and Respect. They play dohori song like Question and answer in a group which was very nice. Women are very happy to enjoy the teacher’s day with us teachers and other. So, we offer them milk Tea and biscuits. They brought cake and make all of women to have it. All women and teachers missed you a lot.

For children, they also organized a programme for the teacher’s day. They too brought the cakes with love and respect. All children are asking your name if you were here then they could have so much fun and entertainment. We teachers glad to cut the cake and make all of them to have it. They seem to be very happy and excited. They decorate the rooms with balloons and colorful papers and flowers. We put Tika and blessing to all the children. Children who have been good byed from The Khushi Nest, they had also came which makes the environment was so good and entertaining. They gift us a peacock painting which was very nice so we put it in office room. They show the performance like dancing, singing song, poem, jokes etc. We offered all children chocolates. The children as well as Teacher are happy.

Women are studying goodly and coming regularly. The classes are going well. All teachers are handling classes goodly. Shanti, 1pm new group is now low level Nepali group which has been starting so women are coming to study who has been visited and other women are also coming.

We take women museum on 12th July 2013 in a palace which was good and learning day for both of us. We see many ancient things and get many knowledge but we are sad because we cannot capture the pictures.

We taught children how to make the handicraft greeting by Nepali Paper which is very useful.

On 31st July, 1 pm Nepali High level group of Eureka Final Examination has been held. So, I have sent some picture of it. After onwards in this time she is going to start social Studies in Nepali classes for High level Nepali women so that they could know the problems, solutions and different things of the society and how to handle it. It is very important to give knowledge to the women about the society.

Thank You, Coming time we will do our best to give more extra activities and learning to them.

Take care and bye




Namaste Maria,

Hope you are fit and fine in Spain. We are doing good job here. I would like to elaborate my job for the month July. The first and second shift (11:00 AM to 1:00PM) high level students are progressing their study rapidly. I am trying to follow four level of study Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Women are excited to learn social and moral behaviour and its use in society. They are proud to be literate.

The third shift (1:00PM to 2:00PM) basic level students are excited to get education platform like KHUSINEST. They are improving their study gradually.

Regarding girls evening coaching class, we are assisting them in their school’s homework. For the month, we train them to make greeting cards. The snaps have been already posted to you. One more extraordinary activity about women group visit Narayan Hiti National Museum- Ex-Royal Palace. Women are excited to see historical goods used by Royal family. Mostly we excited to see crown-decorated with gold, diamond and other precious stones and feather of Humao bird.

At last, I am sorry to hear a tragic train accident in Spain.

Thank You



Bye bye



Namaste Maria

How are you Maria? Hope u are fine. I am writing you report about Khusi Nest Cultural Center.

In this month we bring all the women in Royal Palace. Because all the women were interest to visit there, they want to visit Royal Palace but they had no idea how to go there and they could not go along, they request us for visiting Royal Palace So Last month on 12th July 2013 Friday we bring all the women in Royal Palace. It is very big place almost 3 hour we been inside palace to visit different places. Women are very happy to see king’s life.

Women are doing very well in their class. Women of math class they are improving a lot they know basic mathematic like how to add, subtract, multiply and divide. Next month in first weak I will make exam for math class. Another one is high level Nepali class they are doing very well they can do question an answer and I will take exam on 31st July 2013 for them. Another class is low math class they did not know anything about mathematics now they are coming regular and they are improving their study I am happy with their improving.

In this month we visited five women house. They are uneducated they came from village when they was child they did not get chance for study but when they knew about our Khusi Nest Culatur Center they are very happy and they like to study. They are interest all the subject they are wetting in list.

All the children are coming regular in Cultural Center. Some children had already finished their exam in school and some children will have exam in next month. One student of Cultural center her name is Ranjana Pariyar She has to stay until at 6 evening in school so she could not come. So now one child less in Cultural Center. In this month I teach children and for teachers how to make Gretting Card. This card is very useful for everyone it is very special design because there is possible to put our picture inside the card. I make one care for u when u will come in Nepal I will give you. When we teach them they were very interested and also they are doing very well. They are very happy with hand work.

This month on 22 July 2013 in Nepal we celebrate teacher day. Children and women celebrate teacher day. They was singing a song and dancing at that time all the children and women missing you a lot as well as we to missing you a lot. We want to wise you many happy teacher day because you are also our teacher. This month our president also came in our cultural center. Now it is time for renew so we talk about renew he will talk with our layer about it.

Ok Maria Take care have a good time with you. Many kisses and love.


Eureka Pradhan



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