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Visiting women February 2014

    We go to visit some women of 17 wards to know their condition and to collect their information. So we had gone to visit 4 women house to know the information about their life and towards the education too. So I am writing a list of women with their basic information with pictures. 


 Marzo 2014-001 Marzo 2014

Name:     Parbati Giri

Address: Khusibu

Subject:  Nepali.

     She wants to study Nepali firstly because since child in village she is not studying up to now so now after married and having three children 2 son and 1 daughter, she wants to study Nepali because she is just housewife and not active so she wants to get education and wants to know things, gain knowledge for the daily life in useful ways and if possible she want to go abroad. Her condition is not so good.


 Marzo 2014-002 Marzo 2014-003

Name:    Sabitri Adhikari

Adress:  Khusibu

Subject: English

     She wants to study English. Before she had study 6 month in literacy class in kathmandu but due to work she cannot study but now she wants to continue study. To make her life better. She is house wife. She has 2 children son and daughter. Her life is fine.



 Marzo 2014-004 Marzo 2014-005

Name:     Maya  Lama

Address: Kilagal

Subject:  Nepali

      She wants to study Nepali since childhood she cannot study as school is too far in village. Now she has 7 years son so if she is educated then she can help her son and also she can know many things through education. She is house wife but she did packing pickles. Her life is also not so good.


 Marzo 2014-008 Marzo 2014-007

Name:     Kabita Budathoki

Address: Tengal

Subject:  Nepali

      She wants to study Nepali since childhood she cannot study. She want to study to help her 2 daughter and can do work better. She wants to learn many things. She is house wife but she do some work and earn little money. Her condition is good. 

Reporters Enero-Febrero 2014

Namaste Maria,

How are you, hope you are well in Spain. First of all we our team want very sorry because last month we has not send you report due to laptop was not working goodly. We are repairing laptop now it is working well.  Another thing is that now in Nepal starting load shedding per day 12hour. We have not light so our report is sending you lately.

Maria, My class is running very well from 10am to 11am Math class student coming regular they finish to learn add, subtract, multiply and divide. Now they starting to learn simplify. They are working very well in their study.

1pm to 2pm, I have been taking High Level Nepali class. Now I bring them “Samajik” book it is social book. It is very knowledge full things like history, society etc.

Third is 2pm to 3pm class. It is also Math class. It is low level Math class. This class student also doing well. They are improving their study but now a day’s some women are not coming regularly because some have to move their room other side and some are sick and some have work in village so they went in their village so altogether 8 women are coming in this group. They are doing very well in their study.

We had visited 4 women house. The names of women are Parbati Giri, Sabitri Adhikari, Kabita Buddhathoki, Maya lama. Some they want to study English, Nepali and Math. Some they do not have good life so by studying they want to make their life better.

Children are coming regularly in the cultural center. Children are working very hard in their study because final terminal examination is coming soon. They give more time in their study. Our child Nimchoki and Pemba is not coming in the khushi nest because of their own family work in their village.

On January we teach children how to make cotton garland. Last time you brought Cotton Garland from Spain. It is very good cotton to learn hand work. Children are doing very well and they were very surprise to make Garland of cotton.

In February we teach children how to make dishes and things of flour by painting and making it attractive, decorative and also useful things. Children are very happy to learn it so that they can make it in their house with less money. They can use it in their house or other as well. They can give gift as well by making different things to each other.


Thank you,

Eureka Pradhan



Namaste Maria,

How are you? You are fine in Spain and everything is going very well. Wishing for good health and progress to you.

After winter vacation we open the classes in khushi nest. I would like to present monthly report for the month of January and February. The first and second shift (11 am to 1pm) high level students final exam has been taken. They are progressing their study in better way. They are very happy to get education in cultural center. The third shift (1pm to 2pm) basic level students are progressing their study is also going fine. So I am satisfied with their study. We are going to admit some new women in this group. So coming month we are going to buy Nepali books of low level.

We went to visit in some new women houses in February which will be posted to you.

In khushi nest due to electricity problem. Women could not see movies so we cannot send you pictures of women seeing movies.

Regarding children evening classes are very well. Children are happily playing games and doing their schools homework. Some children will be admitted to the khushi nest in coming week. reports will be send to you.

In January we train them to make handmade cotton garland. The snaps have been already posted to you. In February we train children how to make dishes and items which is of flour by doing color or painting and making it as show item and useful things. It is not costlier so they can make it in their house as well.


Thanking you,

Shanti Maharjan



Hola Maria, How are you hoping everything is going well and good with you. Take care, Be happy and god blesses you.

On January 2014, we have started the classes after vacation of winter although all women are not arrived for some days. Our classes are going well and properly. Women are studying goodly and improving day by day all the examination which had been taken finished. Women of all groups are doing better than before. They are doing hard labor to learn and reading books as well as on writing. Exam has been taken so now we are going to visit and admit women for new level of group. Low level of Nepali; Math as well as low level of English.

11am to 12pm some women are not coming due to work and some move other place so in this I am going to admit new English group of Basic Level. The women are learning well in this group 12 pm to 1pm Medium English group some student are not regular due to work and illness. Women are studying very goodly and improving than before.

Children classesses are also going very well. They are happy to come in the khushi nest to learn, write, learning hand work and other activities as well. Some small children are not coming due to illness problem; Tenzing Lama, Sarita and Sunita Mallik. On this month, the weather has been cold; the climate is not good so children are going to their house 5/10 minutes earlier as it is going to be dark sooner. So children could reach their house on time early.

Now a day in Nepal, load shedding problem has been starting so every day we have a problem of light. Electricity is not coming for 12 hours. To do work also people is having problem.

We teach the children how to make the garland with pieces of useless clothes. It can be use in anywhere. It attracts and decorates the place as well as things.

On February month, we are visiting some houses of women; if they are uneducated then they can come and study in the khushi nest. So that they can make their life better and improved.

We teach children how to make dishes and things of flour by painting and making it attractive, decorative and also useful things. children are very happy to learn it so that they can make it in their house with less money.

Some women have come to study in the khushi nest; they are very happy to study here. Soon I will send you reports and pictures.

Some children are not coming like Pemba, Nimchoiki and Sanu Magar as their parents gone in village for some work so they need to do all by themselves.

We are going to admit 4/5 children in the khushi nest as they need good environment to study, parents are not educated so they like to have the khushi nest so that they can learn goodly.

For new level of classes, we need to buy books for Math, English and Nepali.


Thanking you, Gracias

Sadikshya Shrestha


Reporters Diciembre 2013

Namaste Maria

How are you? Hope everything is well with you. First of all, I want to wish you “Merry Christmas”.

This month I took exam for my two classes women one is 10 to 11am. They are studying mathematics they are learning many things. In this class all the women are passed in their exam they all get equally number. They did very good exam. I am very happy to see their progress. Now they know Nepali number but they could not study English number so I want to teach them.

For Social class they study in 1 to 2pm. They also were doing very well in their exam. They have more confident for their study now. I am giving them to study news paper. They are very happy with their progress.

For low math class they are doing well but their exam will have nest month. They are coming regularly they are interesting in their study.

Last Friday, we show T.V for all. The women and we teachers cleaned all, Office and outside. It is very nice to cleaning together.

In our cultural center our children have been coming regular this month. We teach them to make Christmas Drawing. All the children were very excited to learn and they were doing very well.

In Christmas day we all the teachers and children were celebrate Christmas day. We decorated tree and we gave them surprise food like cake, chocolate, biscuits and fruits. We distribute them children were very happy. We also enjoyed it. At time all the children remember you as well as we to miss you very much.

This month I teach them in their hand work class two to make envelope, because it is very useful things.

Children were very interesting and they were very enjoyed to learn it.

This month we admitted one child his name is Sanu Rana Magar. She is studying in Nepal Yubak school is in grade 5. She is 11 years old. She looks clever.

She is nice girl. This month carpenter was coming and he fixes 4 steps of wood to put some show things.

We decide to give winter vacation holidays due to very cold season weather so we are going to give 15th to 21st January 2014.

I had lost my cell phones in an office. I do not know who had stolen because upper side people also doing up and down; women are also coming to study. I feel so sad. Our all marker and balloons has been lost. I am so shocked and feel bad.

At last, Maria New year is coming so I want to wish you Many Many Happy New Year 2014. It gives you good health a long life.

All the women and children also wish you Many Many Happy New Year 2014

Yours Eureka Pradhan

31st December 2013happy2014



During December month we had done many activities. We take many examinations. Nepal classes of Shanti 11am group and 1pm group, Eureka’s math group of 10 am and Social classes of 1pm.English group of mine 12pm and 11am examinations. I had took final examination of 1 year of 12pm English class level of women low level to medium level after they will get new book of next level. They had done very well in the examination. 11 am English class of women had also done well in their class test examination. They are low level.

On January 2014, from 15th to 21st we are giving winter vacation holidays to children as well as women. Children also have holidays in their schools. They will go to their village during holidays because of the cold season and weather.

After holidays we will give sweaters by doing embroidery to children at that time more cold season is running. We had celebrated Christmas day very nicely with children. They are happy to celebrate Christmas. We cut cake, gave biscuits, fruits and sweets. Children perform dance, they sang song and do a walk in a style which seems so beautiful. They enjoyed a lot. We make all children draw the picture for the Christmas which had been already send to you. Hope you had liked all the children pictures. Some women had also drawn some pictures for the Christmas and New Year to you. All children and women are missing you at time of Christmas.

All the classes are running well like before now, for 12pm class of English women. I need to buy another book which is of medium level book.

We taught to children how to make envelope so that children could give greetings, cards or letters inside it with many designs of wrapping papers or arts which makes attractive. Children learn it very interestedly and they are very happy to make it. By making envelope for cards, greetings or letters children need not to buy it which saves money as well as they can make it in their own style attractively.

In classes of children one boy which has been already out for long time with his brother name Bibek which is Good bye children of Cultural center the khushi nest. Now his mother came here and requested to take admission of him so that we could help him in study and build his intellectual knowledge. Can we admit him in the khushi nest again or not? Last month report I had already told you about a new Girl who we had admitted but up to now we could not have pictures of her. She is not coming here for some time because her mother is ill and suffering from cancer. Later I will send you report.

Carpenter came and fixes the stand of wood 4 steps so that we can put some thing as a gift to the khushi nest.

I had sent you pictures hope you like it.

Eureka lost her cell phone in an office but who stole it, we did not knew. I feel very sorry for this. Next day Board markers and balloons were too lost. We are not feeling safe.

Wishing you a Many Happy New year of 2014. May this year bring success, happiness, prosperity and progress in your life. See you next year. Se felit. Takecare.

Thanking you,

Sadikshya Shrestha



Namaste Maria.

Wishing you Happy New Year 2014. I would like to present monthly Report for the month December. The first shift (11am to 12pm) high level students’ final examination has been taken. I am satisfied with their study. They are also motivated.

The second shift (12pm to 1pm) medium level students are continuing their study.

The third shift (1pm to 2pm) basic level students’ class test has been taken. The exam snaps has been already posted to you.

Regarding children, classes are running very well. Children are well studying as well they are entertaining with various playing materials.

The winter vacation falls on 15th to 21st of January 2014. The cultural center celebrated Christmas with children. The children happily celebrate Christmas. They were given cake fruits, chocolates and biscuits. The children and we all miss you a lot. They said if they would have celebrated the festival of Merry Christmas with you that would be more excited.

For the month, we train them to make handmade paper envelope and Christmas drawing. The Christmas drawing and handmade envelope snaps have been already posted to you. Women had also done some greeting by their hands with beautiful drawings. In Children, one new girl had been admitted to the khushi nest cultural center; coming week report will be send to you.

Carpenter has set four steps cupboard of wood to put some show things as gift for the khushi nest.

First of all, I would like to say Happy New Year 2014. Wish you for good health, progress and prosperious days in 2014 AD.

Take care and bye. Thanking You.

Shanti Maharjan


Reporters Novienbre 2013

Namaste Maria.

Maria, Hope you have good health. You are fine in Spain. We are fine here as well as all the women and children are also fine.

Maria, In Nepal. Last week Election was coming due to some politic fight, some place got Bomb blast many people and one child was injured. So all the people were very afraid to work in the street; so women was not a regular so we close 4 days in the khushi Nest. After Election all the women and children are coming regularly.

My Math class is going very well all the woman is working hard in their study. Then I took class test and they are improving a lot. Second one is high level Nepali class. It is going very well. I want to give them different knowledge. Coming month they will have examination and after examination I want to give them some newspaper or magazine.

Another class is low math class. Women are of this group is improving a lot in their study. They will have also exam of two months after so they are doing hard work in their study.

All the children are coming regularly now. They are very happy to come in our cultural center. This month they are making different drawing, it means season drawing. Now in Nepal, very cold season is running so children are making winter drawing, what they feel the draw in the paper. It is very nice. This month, I teach them how to make kite. Children was very excited to make kite because in
Nepal; Dashain is the festival of kite which is very important for people. So children were very surprise to learn about it. We gave children biscuits and fruits three times a week.

This month we put ceiling painting. It is very nice to see we send you that picture.

This month we gave order to make stationary (copies). We gave order Nepali, English and Math altogether 1500 pieces copies. It takes some time because due to election all the worker was going their house. It will finish in coming weeks.

We went to see camera of good quality but up to now we are searching for it reasonable price, we will inform you the prices within this month.

At last, thank you and lots of love

Eureka Pradhan.



Namaste Maria.

How are you? Hope everything is going well with you.

In this month Of the November. Winter season has been already started days are getting colder. Classes are starting very goodly and well. From 17th to 21st November due t election, the countries situation is getting worse, strictly, they did strike. They blast bomb. Some children within Kathmandu valley need to suffer, some they lost hand, some they lost face and some whole body damaged. In bus accident many people get injured who are going to village for the election to vote. The time and situation is very bad so we close this day the khushi nest so that women and children could not be harmed. We vote to parties of the countries who will make constitution in good ways for the development of the country and its people. This vote will make win to the political parties’ people who are working for the Nepalese government for making very important constitution for the country.

Our all classes are starting very goodly. In children classes, winter season is running so at the evening time, it will be dark very fast so we send children whose house are far, earlier. Now we have new children also but have not given them sweaters for the winter. Old children who already in the cultural center they are wearing but new children they do not have sweaters. They feel cold as well. So what to do for these new children? We provide them sweater or not?

Maria, the children which we have in the cultural center, all are not fully will be here till the age of 13 years some are going at the middle way. Some children who are coming in the cultural center, they cannot afford copy, pencil etc these things we are giving them as we have but when they carrying bags and dress. They even do not have sweaters and well bags. Bags are damaged. As we have 20 bags in an office which are packed and stock for the children at the completion of 13 years but what for these children now , they do not have bags to put books and copies. Waiting reply from your side.

As winter season is coming near we make children draws/ painting about the winter season to paste it in walls of their classes. They seem to be very happy to do painting.

Now 12 pm of Medium classes final examination is going to be held so after exam, they will get next level book as they will completed one year. After examination, the women who did well; can we give them shawl like before as it is winter season too?

We help to teach the children how to make handmade kite which is very useful with less expensive. I had already sent you pictures, hope you liked it?

We had ordered to make art in the ceiling. I will send you picture of it too.

When children have holidays on the winter vacations, they will go to village with their parents so we decide to give them holidays to children as well as women. What is your opinion for this?

We admitted one new girl in the cultural center, who really needs to come in the khushi nest.
She is very good and honest girl. I will send you her report in coming weeks.

Take care, Maria and Have good time and days. Be happy and big hug. Thanking you for all.

Sadikshya Shrestha 



Namaste Maria,

How are you? I think you are fine and everything is going well in Spain. Wishing for good health and progress to you. I would like to present monthly report for the month November. The first and second shift (11:00 am to 1pm) high level students are progressing their study in better way. They are very happy to get education in Khushi nest. The third shift (1:00pm to 2:00pm) basic level students are progressing their study is also going fine. I am satisfied with their study.

Regarding children evening classes are running very well. Children are very happy playing various games and drawing based on winter season drawing. For the month we train them to make handmade paper kite. They are very excited to learn it. The snaps have been already posted to you. The cultural center remains closed from 17th November to 20th November due to Election. The situation is not so good at that time and classes are not regular.

This month we went to order for the copies for the khushi nest including Math, Nepali and English altogether 1500 pieces. It will finish coming week.

For camera coming month we will send you price of the cameras of good quality in reasonable price.

 Panchabuddha drawing paper has been displayed on ceiling. Hope you like this month activities.

Lastly I wish for you very good health and good time.

Take care and bye…

Thanking you

Shanti Maharjan


Reporters Octubre 2013

Namaste Maria.

In this October month.  Women, children and we all teachers enjoy Dashain Festival very goodly, happily with our friends, family and relatives. The khushi Nest starts from 20th of October. Women and Children are coming but some are not coming because some women had gone to village so they will come after Tihar. In Tihar, they need to do Bhai Tika to their elder brothers or younger brothers; they meet their relatives, friends, near and dear ones person. They enjoy with them.

I want to explain you about Tihar Festival. Tihar is festival of five days.

-1st day is Crow day and in Nepal we say Kaag Tihar. In this day people worship early in the morning crow as God with flowers, fruits, Tika, insane and candles. While we are going to eat food at morning we put all things to crow so that crow will come and eat it. we worship crow because from the ancient time we used to believe that if in a house someone is going to die or ill, it gives us awareness and make us feel about this happening or something is going to happen which will be not good.

-2nd day is Dog Tihar, Nepali we say kukur Tihar. In this day, Early in the morning; People worship Dog as a God with flowers, Tika, fruits, candles, insane. Dog will be very happy at that day. When we are ready for food. We give meat with rice to dog so that they feel happy. We worship Dog because if any problem, disease or wrong is going to happen us or in our family from ancient time we used to believe that dog fight for us and take the wrong thing which is going to happen, take diseases and make us healthy. Dog protect us if anything is going to happen to us.

-3rd day is laxmi Puja means the day we worship laxmi. Early in the morning , people used to put the red mud with cow dung in front of everyone house for the Good luck sign. They worship it to begin their day. All people go to worship cow at that day in the morning as we believe it as Goddess. So at evening time people decorate their houses with lights, candles. They burn patakas with their family, friends, relatives and other. They decorate, design and do rangolies woth different colors at their houses and worship Goddess Laxmi with full honor, respect, good thinking, and purity by their hearts with their families to male Goddess Laxmi happy. They put many types of sweets, fruits, candles, insane, coins, money, rice etc. All family members worship Goddess Laxmi in believe that goddess will come at night time in their home and bless them so they make arrangements for it.

4th day is Body worshipping; Nepali we call it Mha Puja. At that day in the family, all family members are doing arrangements and serving each other to worship their body (soul) because people believe that from ancient time our soul will change in the body and we do all activities or work whether it is good or bad. So if we donot have soul then body will be of no use and we could not do work and we could not be what we are up to now. They make rangolis to each family member with colors so that they need to sit their individuals rangolis. Mother, Grandmother they worship all family members from elders to youngers from head to shoulder and after worshipping they eat feast with many items. They enjoy time with their families and friends. They fire and burn patakas. They put lights and candles inside and outside of the houses. They burn insane and light candles to Goddess Laxmi.

-5th and very important day is Bhai Tika. Some people if their village is far and they are coming to work in Kathmandu then people go to their village before Bhai Tika and reach their home. Some women or ladies will go to their brothers’ house and some women or ladies call their brothers to their house to put Bhai Tika. All women/girls/ ladies are very happy from morning. They are preparing food; make arrangements to worship their brothers. They bring what they needed to worship. They prepare all the things to make happy to their brothers. They make manda(rangoli) for each brother for puja and they put many varieties of fruits. They cook sel roti to them and will honor, respect and happiness, blessing their brother. They worship with full process, rules and regulation. Brother put seven colors tika at their forehead by their sisters and mala (flowers) etc. we bring special Bhai Tika Flower to them. All seem to be so much happy, excitement, enjoying. Brothers give gifts to sister’s money or something whatever they like. Elder give blessing to youngers and youngers give love and respect to elders. People celebrate Bhai Tika because ancient time people believe that one women save her brother from the death by worshipping at that day of Bhai Tika by following the rules with full process with seven colors and mala so it make strong bonding relationship between brother and sister with love, respect and prosperity.

Like this we celebrate five Days Tihar Festival.

Some children will come after tihar as they have holidays upto Tihar. They seem to be very happy to celebrate in the khushinest with candles and making rangolis and serving ech other. We gave them Chocolates, Fruits, Juice and biscuits. They also learn how to make handmade greeting as gift for any occasion to give anyone as a gift which saves money and develop their minds and intellectual. Children are doing their homeworks, playing games, reading and learning activities from the khushi nest. The khushi nest will be closed for 3 days from 3rd Laxmi puja to 5th November  Bhai Tika. The khushi nest will Starts from 6th of November after Tihar.

Next month, we are giving order for Nepali, English and Math copies like before with same logo of the khushi nest. We will try to buy 5 cameras with beter or good quality at reasonable price. For those we need more money for cameras and copies.

Wishing you a very Happy Dipawali/Happy Tihar. Take care and warm hug..


Sadikshya Shrestha



Namaste Maria,

            Wishing for good health and progress to you, I would like to present monthly report for the month October.

            First of all, due to great festival of Nepalese “ Dashain ”, the cultural center conduct fewer class the earlier month. After Dashain festival vacation, still all the women and children are not present in the class. They informed us to continue after second great festival Tihar-Dipawali(The festival of light).  On the occasion of Tihar-Depawali the cultural center remain closed from 1st Nov to 4thNov 2013 AD.

            The center celebrate Tihar-Dipawali(The festival of light) with children. The children happily celebrate Dipawali. They were given fruits, chocolates and biscuits as refreshment. They prepare handmade greeting cards for their mom and dad. The children miss you a lot. They said , if they would have celebrate the dipawali that would be more excited.

            The center will continue from 5th November.

            Lastly, wishing you good health and good time, I would like to write “HAPPY


                        Take care and bye.

Thanking you

Shanti Maharjan



Namaste Maria.

 In this month, I write a mail to you lately because since two weeks. I am having sick. I have back pain problem so I am sick. When I go to check up with Doctor in Hospital; he said me to take therapy of backbone so I went to take therapy for one week. Now I am taking medicine so I am feeling little fine. I am sorry to send you message lately.

After finishing Dashain festival, we had started classes but many women are not coming regular as they are not coming back from the village. Women have been given Dashain Homework so I had checked during class. In 10am morning class, all women are not coming so who are coming they are studying goodly and doing hard labor. They will come after Tihar. Likewise 1pm group of women they are also doing hard labor to study social studies, coming time they will try to write long literature without looking in the book. At 2pm class of Math, women are also interested to learn and write Mathematics.

All children are also not coming because they are already in village so they will come back after Tihar. But children who are coming we had started the class with learning classes, checking home works of the Dashain Festival time. In free time they had played games. For this October month I teach them how to make useful greetings with colorful papers for Tihar. At that time they seem to be very happy and excited. While we made this type of greeting it is less costly. It is useful and less expensive. Children can wish each other easily through it.

Among this week, During Occasion of Tihar. We celebrate Tihar festival by organizing program with children. They are very happy at that time because Candles are burned, Rangoli has been made and Children are given fruits, biscuits, and chocolates. They seem very happy to take it from us. We all had missed you a lot.

We give 5 days’ holidays for Tihar Festival. Before you go back we had a conversation to paste a ceiling drawing in an office but that man has already gone to his village for Festival so his shop has been already closed. So we will go to order it in coming week and paste it. We will send you picture of it. 

Thank you very much.

Eureka Pradhan